2014 Reading Goals: September Progress

2014 Reading Goals

  1. Participate in my 2014 Reading Challenge.
    Conceded it’s not happening.
  2. Read 208 books.
    Still leaving this one as is, with a final determination waiting to see how things go with the new baby.
  3. Read 40,000 pages.
    See above..
  4. Read all book club selections.
    Still on track with this one – I even re-read September’s pick, so no pressure there, and I’m done with the book flight for October’s retreat. I have November’s book still to read, and I’d like to re-read December’s pick, as it’s been so long since I read it.
  5. Get new children’s books monthly to share with the kids.
    Managed this one for September only thanks to having some new books thanks to Sonlight. Library visits haven’t been happening.
  6. Listen to 1 audio book.
    DONE! Ok, it was a kids’ book, but still. I finished it, and I even downloaded a second one that I’m working on.
  7. Read through the entire Bible New Testament in a new edition.
    The revised goal is met. 🙂
  8. Promptly share books that I’ve finished via my Pinterest board.
    Have kept up with this, thanks to the motivation of seeing this goal every month.
  9. Clear 24 more books off of my TBR stack at home.
  10. A subgoal of number 9: 12 of those 24 books need to be from my Christianity stacks.
    This one has been met and even exceeded. 🙂

I think I’ll skip an update for this next month, since all of the goals are met except for the ongoing ones (like getting new books for the kids, and keeping the Pinterest board updated.) I’ll share again in November or maybe not until the end of December since it doesn’t seem like there is much to report otherwise.


  1. Fantastic job! You’ve done great this year, way to go!

  2. Wow! You have done so well with your goals. Congrats!


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