Reading Goals for 2014

2014 Reading GoalsI’m more than a little bit in disbelief that it’s already time to think about reading goals for next year. Next month I’ll share a recap of how I did on my goals for 2013 (hey, the year’s not over yet for me to wrap that up already).

If you looked at my post for last year’s goals, you’ll see that these are very similar.

  1. Participate in my 2014 Reading Challenge.
    Details on the challenge to come, but I’m excited about it. It’s fairly low-key, but still chips away at some longer-term reading goals I have.
  2. Read 208 books.
    4 books a week, children’s titles over 100 pages count towards the total..
  3. Read 40,000 pages.
    This should a counterpart goal to the number of books – it provides a disincentive to reading lots of short books. I picked this number based on my stats over the last year.
  4. Read all book club selections.
    With an exception clause if I know I’ll miss a meeting, I can not finish the book. I hope not to use this clause however. Plus I’m giving myself one escape clause – one book that if I don’t like, I can not finish. Perhaps I should call it my “House of Mirth” rule in honor of the book that’s inspiring it. ;)
  5. Get new children’s books monthly to share with the kids.
    Still vague with the total, this is simply here as a reminder to me to make sure and get fresh material for them.
  6. Listen to 1 audio book.
    Starting really really easy with this one.
  7. Read through the entire Bible in a new edition.
    Not sure yet which edition I’ll use next year. This year I’ve been using the Archaeological Study BibleNIV Archaeological Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture, which has been fabulous. Next year? I’m leaning towards this ESV Study BibleThe ESV Study Bible, but may still change my mind.
  8. Promptly share books that I’ve finished via my Pinterest board.
    Unlike this year where I let myself get months and months behind. I want to enter them at least weekly, so it never becomes too many at once.
  9. Clear 24 more books off of my TBR stack at home.
    I don’t have to finish them – if I start one and decide it isn’t for me and I’m going to get rid of it, that counts too. I just want to whittle down the stack some more one way or another.
  10. A subgoal of number 9: 12 of those 24 books need to be from my Christianity stacks.
    Those often take me longer, and last year I kept ignoring them in favor of other books that would be quicker reads.

Do you have any reading goals for 2014?

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  1. I like your distinction of counting children’s books that are over 100 pages. I’ve been reading all of Hannah’s literature assignments because I teach her literature class at our co-op, and we do a lot of chapter book read alouds, but I’ve never counted them toward my book total. Not that there are any trophies for books read, but I like to count things. :)

    • I got that idea from Jessica at Quirky Bookworm.

      And I don’t do it for trophies either, I just like keeping track of what I’ve read. I somewhat keep track of board books and picture books too, but don’t always remember to record them we go through them so fast.

  2. This year my goal was 140 books and the Bible chronologically.
    It ended up being more like 160 and 18 books of the Bible.
    It will be interesting next year because it will be my first year reading while blogging, so I’m going to set the bar a little lower!
    2014 is 120 books and the Bible. We shall see!

    Your list is ambitious! Way to go!

    • That will be interesting to see if you think reading while blogging changes how or what you read. At least I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that! I think it’s made me more conscious of not getting in reading ruts of reading all mysteries or all fantasy novels or something similar. If I do that then all I have to write about are the same types of books and I try to keep the content here having a little more variety than that!

  3. I picked a number somewhat at random for 2013′s reading goal, since I had never tracked my reading before. I chose 50 new books – and read 85 (so far). I’m thinking of setting my 2014 goal at 75 new books. I want to read more selectively and more carefully, reading only what will benefit me rather than skimming through lots of “popular” books, which probably means a slower reading speed overall (although I’m sure I’ll still devour plenty of fiction!).

    I also had the goal of reading through the entire Bible in 2013, and I did complete that; however, I’m not sure I’ll make that a goal for next year. I want to spend some time doing more in-depth study and focusing on a few particular books. But it’s certainly a goal I’ll return to in the future, maybe every 2-3 years.

    • I’ve sort of debated with myself about focusing on smaller sections of the Bible for the year instead of reading the entire thing, but keep deciding that I’m still not in a great life stage for in-depth study. I don’t know though – am I making excuses for myself (or my kids)? I like your idea of rotating it back in as a goal every few years.

      Anyway, I like both of your goals a lot. :)

  4. You have some great goals. I am not sure what my goals are going to be just yet. I keep ear marking blogger challenges (read from the shelf, read ARCs) etc in order to get ideas and motivation. :) This year I only had one reading goal in mind (read 52 books). This was great, but this coming year, I want to make sure that I prioritize certain books better, so I don’t end up with galleys being left unread. At the same time, I don’t want to have so many goals that I get overwhelmed and quit. When did reading become so hard?! :)

    • It doesn’t have to be! I set goals to keep myself motivated, and to remember that there are other things I’d like to be sure to do, but if it was at all overwhelming I’d scale back or stop.

  5. I enjoyed reading your 2014 goals, and I need to set some myself. However, right now I’m in the process of preparing my 2014 writing goals and I’m not sure they are going to leave much reading time as I’m attempting to finish my book with an eye toward shopping it around in 2015. We’ll see about those reading goals.

    However, you caught my eye with the NIV Archaeological Study Bible and I’ve been at Amazon the last few minutes checking it out. I even had my husband peering over my shoulder. We both love the Bible but also love the history, culture and archaeology of the time and places in the Bible. This looks superb!

    I need to join in #10 — reading more of my Christianity books. I get bogged down in them, and often I’ll set them aside in exchange for a lighter read and then never go back immediately.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post.

    • I’ve loved this study Bible – fascinating details that added a lot to my understanding.

      I have a tendency to start a lighter book when that’s all the situation allows, but then when I have time available for something deeper, I am caught up in the story line of that other book and have trouble setting it aside to save it for only those times it’s all that will work.

  6. Wow, 208 books sounds like a lot! I haven’t been tracking pages, but I’m now reading my 130th book this year – and there have been quite a few children’s/YA books and re-reads in that number.

    As Wesley said, too, next year will be the first time I’m reading and blogging about what I read. Might change some things. I’ll be thinking about my goals for next year, too, and maybe posting them at some point soon. Goals #9 and #5 on your list are what I also need to put on mine: reading the books we already own, not just books from the library, and finding new books for my son to read.

    • I’ve never tried to track pages before, but I noticed that Goodreads offers it with one click. I’m already entering the books, so it’s easy to see my page count. It was also eye-opening to see my page counts in previous years – it varied by so much! I could absolutely tell that 2011 was a hard year for me, reading-wise, my page count and books read total were low low low. (for me).

  7. Good luck with your goals in the upcoming year. I haven’t ever tracked pages….not a bad idea!

    • I love that Goodreads shows it – I found it so fascinating to see my previous years’ page totals, and how drastically they varied!

  8. Love this, and it’s a good reminder to think about my goals. I’m not sure how having baby number 4 will factor in to that, but I’m pretty hopeful.

    This year I just set a number of books goal as well as a goal to read one fiction book a month (I hadn’t been reading too much fiction previously). Anyway, I ‘m happy with how I did especially considering our year, but I’m eager to look ahead and see where I can rethink and determine helpful goals. I love goals!

    • I love them too (obviously!), but I think times of transition are some of the worst for figuring out what are reasonable and reachable goals. Like say, moving to a new country and having a baby. :) I’ll be interested to see what you end up deciding!


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