2015 Reading Goals

2015 Reading GoalsI’m keeping it very simple this year:

  1. Read 156 books.
    That’s 3 books a week, children’s titles over 100 pages count towards the total.
  2. Read all book club selections.
    With one exception: if there is one book that I absolutely hate, I can not finish. I call that the “House of Mirth” rule in honor of the book that inspired it. 😉
  3. Attempt to read all of the books I mentioned I was looking forward to reading.
    If I don’t like the book, I don’t have to finish it, but I do want to at least give them all a shot.
  4. Get new children’s books monthly to share with the kids.
    No numbers here – just want to keep fresh material coming in, along with the books we already own.
  5. Read the New Testament
    I want to say read the entire Bible, but I’m trying to not be overly ambitious, and I don’t want to set myself up where I’m reading it for speed over anything else.
  6. Promptly share books that I’ve finished via my Pinterest board.
    I did so well at this goal this year, at least pre-baby. And then this got ignored in favor of more pressing needs. We’ll give it another try this year.
  7. Clear 12 more books off of my TBR stack at home.
    I don’t have to finish them – if I start one and decide it isn’t for me and I’m going to get rid of it, that counts too. I just want to whittle down the stack some more one way or another. They do need to be physical books however – the point of this is to clear out the backlog of books on my bookcases.

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  1. 156 books? Wow! I was feeling pretty good about exceeding my 100 book goal but that is an amazing goal. Nice to “meet” another person who reads fast too!

  2. Short and sweet. Love it! But wow, 156 books?! That’s AWESOME especially knowing you have so many kiddos and homeschool!

    • I reserve the right to adjust that total, because I really have no idea how many books I’ll be able to read with three kids and homeschooling. I’m being ambitious at the start though, and am hoping I can do it – there are too many books I want to read to think about dialing it down too much!

  3. I reserve the right to adjust that total, because I really have no idea how many books I’ll be able to read

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