2016 Reading Goals

My Reading Goals for this year are simple:

The Deliberate Reader 2016 Book Club Picks | One of my 2016 Reading Goals

1. Read all of my book club books.

This year that means three book clubs and their picks – my in-person one, my blog one, and the kid lit one I’m hosting with Jessica. That’s 36 books, plus 12 picture books.

RTFEBC | One of my 2016 Reading Goals

2. Read books to fit with Modern Mrs Darcy’s reading challenge.

Last year I had fun fitting my books into her categories, so I’m ready to try that again. have these all selected, except for the “book that intimidates you.” Books don’t really intimidate me, so I’m not certain what to pick for this – I’m thinking through ways to adapt/adjust this category to make it more applicable to me. Or if you’ve got some suggestions for it, I’d be happy to hear them.

MMD-2016-Reading-Challenge | One of my 2016 Reading Goals

3. Read the Bible.

I’ve gotten out of the habit, and want to get that re-established.


  1. I am doing the MMD challenge as well as the Pop Sugar challenge. Additionally, My book club reads a book a month. So that’s 52 books this year. Well there will be SOME overlap, but only about 5 books I think. Read, Read, Read 🙂

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