31 Days of Book Pics Linkup

This is my #31BookPics picture of the week:

empty bookshelvesMy sad and empty bookcase. Why is it so empty looking? Because usually it houses my library books, so those empty shelves are often packed full.

To gain access to the larger city library near me, I pay for an annual card. Because of their renewal system, an annual card ends up being less than a full year, and the card I originally got 5 years ago in late October expired in August. That aggravates me enough that with the timing correlating with M’s birth, I decided to just let it expire and try and hold out until October to renew it.

Which was fine – I wasn’t reading much anyway, and had plenty of Kindle books or books I own to keep me content between times. It was also motivation to round up all those books I’d just been renewing endlessly rather than return. My account is cleaned up and ready to be filled out again!

And tomorrow I’ve got a trip planned, so these shelves won’t be empty for much longer. 🙂


  1. How strange that it’s not a full year! And how organized of you to have empty shelves for library books. Ours just end up in piles. 🙂

    • Kids books seem to end up in piles, although I try to keep space for them on a bookcase in the playroom.

      Long explanation ahead: It is a full year, technically. 365 days from when it’s purchased. Except you can borrow books for 3 weeks at a time, and if you need to renew books, or want to borrow more, and the return date is after the card expires you have to purchase a new one (you don’t really renew it so much as buy it again), and that’s 365 days. So you end up losing some of the time on the first card, and that repeats every year you get it. If they would just add a year to the card and renew it, it wouldn’t matter. But it’s the government, and it’s 365 days. No renewals, buy a new card next year.

  2. You should post and “After” photo of your library haul! I love how much space you have for lib books tho!! Maybe that’s my problem! Haha!

    • I’ll do that. It’s not that impressive yet – mostly got kids books and they live downstairs. I’m not doing much reading of physical books (electronic primarily) so I restrained myself. Look for it on instagram! I’ll wait for a sunnier day so the picture won’t be so blah like above.

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