7 Quick Takes on essential oils, 31 days planning, homeschooling, and books.

Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

Today was supposed to be the last day that Young Living Premium Starter Kits are $10 off, but they’ve extended that promotion through the end of the month. It’s still a great opportunity to get started with essential oils, if you’ve been considering trying them. Curious about what you might do with them? I’ve got a list of ideas.


— 2 —

I’m working on a new 31 Days series for October. Yes, really. I’ve only gone back and forth on about 4 different ideas before finally settling on one. Now I’m in the midst of organizing content and drafting posts, because my goal is to have it all written by the end of September. That should give me plenty of cushion for life to happen. 🙂

— 3 —

I’m super excited about what I’ve got planned, and for another idea that will possibly go along with it. Vague blogging here, but it won’t be a secret for long and then I’ll share all about what I’m considering. One part might involve Facebook and/or Instagram, so if you haven’t already liked my page or followed my ‘gram, head over and do that.

— 4 —

In part because of that 31 Days project, I’m planning on doing some additional “throwback” posts if you will, like I did on Wednesday. What’s a throwback post you ask? It’s about a book that I read but never posted about, either because I wasn’t blogging when I read it or I just skipped it for whatever reason. I’m wanting to feature some of the books I love that otherwise haven’t been mentioned here.

— 5 —

We restarted homeschooling this week. I kind of like having had a enough of a break to make a clear deliniation between grades if you will. Awana does that too, but it was fun having our own. G is now a 1st grader, and H is in Pre-K. And M is turning 1 next week, so now I get to see what it’ll be like doing school with a toddler instead of a baby.

— 6 —

My inlaws will be back in town next week (tentatively) so we’ll be having a break from school just as we get started again. I am quite ok with that, and I’m trying to think of anything I might need to try to accomplish while they’re in the state.

— 7 —

The best book I finished lately was Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible StandardsFor the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker. Funny and thought-provoking, I’m hoping it’s the final one to pull me out of my reading slump. It releases on Tuesday, and I’ll have a review posting that day.

For the Love

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  1. I can’t wait to hear what you thought of Jen Hatmaker’s new book!

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