7QT on Baseball, Birthdays, VBS, Essential Oils, Belt Testing, Babies, and of course Books

Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

Last weekend wrapped up my son’s baseball season. I was surprisingly sad at the end of it – it’s been a lot of fun, and his team was great. Nice coaches, nice kids, nice other families. Very low-key and the focus was definitely on fun and learning for the kids. I’m not sure what next year will be like, but this year was wonderful.

— 2 —

My daughter turns 4 next week. As I write this post I still don’t know for sure what we’ll be getting her for her birthday. Thank you Amazon Prime for saving procrastinating moms!

Update on Thursday night as finalize the post: I got her a new water bottleContigo Autoseal Kids Trekker Cup, 14-Ounce, Magenta (so she’ll stop stealing mine), a bookNational Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books), and a stamp setMelissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set. I already had two shirts which I stashed aside to save for her birthday. She’s got packages arriving from both grandmas too, so more than enough, even with me counting some “regular” items as birthday gifts (she needed some shirts in a bigger size, so she can stop wearing ones from last summer).

— 3 —

Journey Off the Map

The kids have been in VBS all week, and this is the one where I had to get special permission for H to attend. Kids were supposed to be 4 by Monday, the first day of VBS. She turns 4 exactly 1 week later, and I had absolutely no doubts as to how she’d handle it. Participating in things, listening to the leaders, all of it – she’s ready. Fortunately one of the VBS leaders was also her Cubbie leader for AWANA, and when I asked about H attending she immediately replied: YES, absolutely! Whew! She’d have been broken-hearted to see her brother go off for it and not get to go herself.

— 4 —

G passed his belt testing last weekend, and received his green belt this week. He’s super excited because now he’s no longer the lowest ranking belt in his class (there were at least 4 yellow belts who moved up to orange and are now the lowest belts in his group). Why does this matter? Because they warm up in a line and get called up in belt order, and he was always the last one called up. Why does this matter? Because he’s five. 😉

— 5 —

June YLEO ER order

My latest essential oils order was a simple one: more Thieves soap (love that stuff!) and Frankincense (quite possibly my favorite oil. Definitely top three!)

— 6 —

Baby girl is so close to walking, and she’s certainly reached that stage that actually walking won’t make that much difference as far as baby-proofing and keeping an eye on her. She craws anywhere, she pulls up, she cruises around, so actual walking? Pfft. Won’t let her do anything she doesn’t already do, she’ll just manage it faster.

On that note, I’ve had to get back in the habit of watching what we have on coffee tables, end tables, and the like. She can get to all of it, and she likes tossing anything she can onto the floor.

— 7 —

The Truth According to Us

The best book I’ve finished recently was The Truth According to Us. I feel like all I’ve done lately is talk about that book, but I loved it so much!

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