7QT on taekwondo, a literary advent, oils, long weekends, and more books

Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

The big kids have a taekwondo tournament next weekend. I dithered about putting them in it, but apparently I am a sucker for them begging to do the tournaments, because I have yet to say no to any of the local ones. Fortunately there are only two local ones a year, so it’s not like I’m saying yes all that often.

G is especially excited because as a purple belt, he is able to participate in the board breaking competition. He’s wanting to earn a gold medal by breaking all of his boards!

— 2 —

Advent Book-a-DayA heads-up on a special offer right now: if you’re looking to start a new holiday tradition with a book-a-day advent calendar, check out this great deal: 24 NEW books, for $110, tax & shipping included. That’s under $5 a book. These are not necessarily Christmas-themed books, so you can continue to enjoy them throughout the year.

Let me know if you’re interested – order have to go in soon to ensure you have all the books by December 1!

Curious to know more? Check out these videos, for kids ages 0-7, and kids ages 4-9.

— 3 —

My oils order this month is a *huge* one, because they were having such a great customer special – 6 free oils once my order was high enough. I got sneaky and asked my friends and family if they had any oils they needed or wanted to try, to help get my order total up. It totally worked, so they get oils, I got to put in a bigger order than I personally needed, and I will be getting lots of free oils. A definite win-win!

No picture yet, as it’s still on the way, so instead here’s a (small) picture of last month’s shipment. Not pictured: the free diffuser, and the extra oils I ordered for friends and family and already distributed to them. That’s right, I did the same thing last month. More bonuses for me. 🙂

October ER order

— 4 —

Last week was just ridiculously amazing as far as the weather goes. The kids got a ton of outside time, and I had the windows and doors open enjoying the temps and breeze. Knowing that it wouldn’t last made it that much sweeter. This week has definitely been cooler, and the kids aren’t as interested in playing outside for long. It’s not even that cold, but with their aversion to shoes they don’t make it too long before they’re ready to come in. Once it gets even colder they’ll finally concede that yes, they should wear shoes, and a coat, and gloves, etc., and they should be good to play outside again for more than 5 minutes.

— 5 —

Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Activity PackWhen I got my Usborne starter kit shipment I unpacked it while the kids were around. Which was nice, as I got to see their reactions, but then I was having to keep them from running off with them immediately. H especially claimed several of them – of course they were for her, weren’t they? Later G pulled aside the books for him, and the books for baby M. It was so cute!

What did H claim most insistently? The Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Activity Pack, of course. It’s pretty, and it’s got dolls on the cover, and it’s stickers, and why *wouldn’t* it be for her?

— 6 —

My husband’s job has a use-it-or-lose-it vacation day policy (unlike his last place which allowed/encouraged stockpiling of days). What that means for us right now is when he’s got days left at towards the end of the year he has to take them. So, he’s got a lot of three day weekends in his future! 🙂

— 7 —

My Kitchen YearTwo “best books finished recently” to mention. The first is a nonfiction audiobook: Ruth Reichl’s latest memoir/cookbook, My Kitchen Year. I enjoyed listening to it, but the drawback to doing it that way is that it’s much harder to make note of any recipes that sound tempting. I am such a fan of her nonfiction.

No Children No PetsThe other one was a surprise – No Children, No Pets. It was a readaloud for G’s school, and I wasn’t super excited about starting it. But it ended up being such a fun read. The timing was nice too, as we’d just gotten home from a trip to Florida so reading about that setting was a little more fun for him.

I wouldn’t go out of your way to hunt it down to read as an adult, but as a sweet, old-fashioned readaloud for kids this one gets two thumbs up!

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