April Recap

April RecapApril felt like a very quick month and a very long one, all at the same time. Quick, because didn’t I just write one of these recap posts? And long, because allergy season set in and made the days crawl by, as I tried to survive pollen-filled days. Add to that kids also dealing with allergies apparently, and a husband who was on call for one week and then ended the month feverish and miserable, and the second half of the month seemed kind of endless.

The Month in Stats

Books Read Last Month: 21
Books Read For The Year (by End of Month): 75

Best Things I Read
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Things That Happened
  • Allergies. Every year it feels like a roll of the dice, whether it’ll be a bad allergy year or not. This year there have been a couple of days of pure misery for me. 🙁
  • I mentioned it was happening in March’s recap, but my husband and I went to Cincinnati for a baseball game. As in, just my husband and I. It happily overlapped with spring break for my aunt-in-law and some of her kids, and she was willing to come over for the day and watch our two. I wish they lived closer so I could take advantage of her teens for regular babysitting, but it’s not that convenient. At least it worked out for this day, since it was all day.
  • We have daffodils! They’ve survived several batterings from hail, strong winds, and heavy rain too, so although they don’t look all that great, I’m impressed that they’re still standing in a sense. I do love spring flowers (and yes, I realize what I’m saying as it relates to the allergies comment above. I love them; they don’t all love me.)
  • We survived my husband’s on-call week. Some on-call weeks are only an issue because of his need to stay close to his phone and computer. This on-call week was an issue because of so. many. calls. Lots of them in the middle of the night too. It was a long and tiring week.
Best Things I Did or Saw
  • As mentioned already, the Reds play the Angels. Chilly day, but I’d so much rather have that than a horrifically hot day.
  • inRL! I came really close to not going at the last minute, because my allergies had me feeling so awful, but I went and of course I was so glad I did. Most everyone there I already knew, but it was so nice to see them again, and I met two new ladies. One of them ended up driving from a lot farther than the rest of us, but I’m so glad she did.
  • Blogging wise, I’ll admit to getting a little thrill when I saw I won an award as a top book blog. Ok, self-promotion over.
What’s Cooking
  • I made my husband his traditional birthday treat – cherry pie. And I hate cherry pie, so it really is all his, although this year he had to share a bit with the kids, but neither of them liked it as much as they thought they would.
  • Finally I got smart and made a double batch of peanut butter cookies, instead of a single batch that leaves me astonished at how quickly they all vanish. This way I was able to put a nice amount into the freezer and pull them out later.
What I’m Anticipating in May
  • My birthday!
  • My son finishing Awana. I honestly wasn’t sure if we were going to complete the year – he had a rough stretch there early on, but he did finally settle down enough where I stopped fearing they’d kick him out for noncooperation. And he eventually started looking forward to going. These last two weeks he’s seemed somewhat sad that he hasn’t had a new verse to learn for it. If I were more on the ball I’d have been prepared with my own verses to start him learning once the Awana program ended. I am not that on the ball.
  • Hopefully the end of pollen season.

How was your April? Tell me about the flowers blooming in your part of the world (assuming there are any). All the blooming plants do a number on me, but I love how they look.


  1. Congrats on your blogging award! That’s really awesome that people appreciate what you do. I know I enjoy your reviews. 🙂

    Daffodils are my second favorite flower (after peonies). I always get a big bouquet of them around this time of year.

    • Thank you so much!

      Our daffodils finally succumbed to the weather. I’m surprised they held on as long as they did honestly – we had some ridiculous storms. Happily, my across-the-street neighbors have a bunch of tulips that are still standing (they missed all those earlier storms) and I can see them when I look out the front windows. They’re a really pretty purple too, so even though I never planted any bulbs last fall, I’m enjoying the benefits anyway.

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