The Best Book Club Item EVER

No exaggeration, I have been wanting this item for FIVE YEARS, ever since seeing a friend with it at book club. But sadly for all book fans, it was no longer manufactured.

TableTopics Book Club edition

So I was THRILLED to discover that it is now back. And after pausing for all of 30 seconds, I ordered my own set, then wrote this post. In that order, because I wasn’t taking any chances that it would go out of stock.

What is this magical item? Why did I immediately hit the “buy now” button on Amazon?

TableTopics Book Club Edition

TableTopics Book Club editionIt’s only the best set of questions for book discussion ever. One nice box (so the cards inside don’t get bent or scuffed), stuffed full with questions.

Run out of time to track down book-specific questions before your meeting? No worries – you’ll find some applicable questions in here.

I know, I’m gushing, but I am seriously that excited to find that this is being made again, and I have my own copy now, and I can recommend it to all book club fans.

Sure, they have lots of other versions. I’m even thinking about getting the family version. But it’s the book club one that I adore and now I have one of my very own. It’s the best.

TableTopics Book Club questions

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  1. Love it! Checking it out now. We don’t do much book discussion at my book club meetings, but I wish we did. Maybe this will help. We have conversation sticks that I made for the dinner table at home that are super fun.

  2. Librarygirl says:

    Sadly, Amazon does not ship this item to Canada.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I went Googling to see if I could find anyone selling it that would ship to Canada, but no luck. And Amazon Canada carries it but at such a ridiculous price once shipping is included. I love it, but I don’t love it THAT much. It did look like Amazon Canada was all over the place with their prices for the various TableTopics versions though, so maybe the Book Club one will drop at some point? Or am I just having complete wishful thinking on your behalf?

  3. These sound like a great source for book club discussions! I will have to let my friend know about these. I miss being in a book club!

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