My Best Homeschooling Advice

My Best Homeschool AdviceSonlight is having a monthly blog linkup this year, in honor of their 25th anniversary. March’s topic is to share the best homeschooling advice you have been given. What would you advise new homeschoolers?

I’m still so new to homeschooling I hesitate to give much in the way of advice, but I did already share about my current favorite book. I definitely think anyone planning to homeschool should read Cathy Duffy’s Curriculum book (whether the latest, or one of the earlier versions) because the introductory material about types of homeschool students and how various curricula work for the types is so helpful.

As far as advice I’ve received, most of my advice has come from blog reading and forum stalking, rather than in-person conversations. The best distilled tip I’ve gotten from all of that reading is to do what works for us, instead of worrying about what others are doing. A co-op may be a fantastic fit for another family, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for us. A math program may be perfect for someone else’s child, but it may not be right for mine (or it may not be right for me as the teacher). One of the very best parts about homeschooling is the ability to personalize everything, and I need to remember that.

And am I the only homeschooler who has to keep reminding herself of this? I keep looking around and seeing what others do that looks fun, or interesting, or worthwhile, and I have to talk myself down from ditching what is working well, or well enough, instead of endlessly chasing after better or the ever-elusive “perfect” curriculum.



  1. You aren’t the only one who occasionally gets “grass is greener” about my neighbor’s curriculum choices. I also sometimes get into the more is better. Nope. Also not true!
    I love my homeschool mom friends. They make this journey much more fun!

    • Yeah, I’m dealing with that too. I’m wanting to stretch this next curriculum out, so adding to it isn’t a bad idea. But am I adding too much? Am I getting ridiculous in what else I’m considering? Decisions, decisions…

  2. I was just flipping through Sonlight’s new catalog. I loved seeing all the Usborne Books as a part of their curriculum 🙂 Finding what works for us is the daunting task for me. There are so many options it is hard to know where to start!

  3. You are NOT the only one who needs the reminder. I’ve been at it for a decade and a half, have graduated a kid … and STILL need to reminder!

    • So you’re saying I shouldn’t count on ever finally getting myself settled and feeling completely confident about that, with no desire to look at other options? Rats.

  4. Yes. Great advice! It’s hard to keep the blinders on and NOT look around at what everyone is doing. But “doing what is best for MY family” is key to successful homeschooling and resisting burn out.

  5. That is such great advice! Every family… and every child… is unique! Thanks for sharing.

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