A Book Club Reading Fail

The Slightly True Story of Cedar B HartleyI’ve had my first complete book club reading fail for the year: I didn’t read either book for the family book club this month.

Not for lack of trying, at least as far as the picture book goes. I’ve had Possum Magic on hold from the library for months (literally). I’m still waiting for it, although I did read a ton of other picture books instead.

The chapter book we were to read this month was The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley. And I tried … really I did. But I was forcing myself to read it and not enjoying it at all. I finally gave it up.

Instead, I read Audrey of the Outback, which was a charming story, and one I’ll be reading with my kids later this year (when my daughter reaches Australia in her around-the-world Kindergarten plan).

Hopefully others had more success than me as far as the month’s reading goes.

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  1. I failed with my IRL family book club. We were supposed to read I Am Malala for our meeting on Tuesday night, but I hadn’t started it last week Thursday when I talked to my sister-in-law and found out no one was coming. We decided to still get together and hang out, but then I picked up The Last Star and Keep Me Posted (a 7 day book) from the library, and I decided to read those instead. Oh well. It happens.

    • Yeah. It does, but I still feel a little bit embarrassed about it when it’s a book club I’m cohosting. Whoops.

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