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I hope you’ve enjoyed this month-long series all about book clubs. One thing I do want to emphasize is there’s no one way to do a book club – if you want to have your book club chat for 5 minutes about the cover of your book, and then proceed to drink wine and socialize, well, if everyone is happy with that then go for it! If you want to have an article club instead of a book club, you aren’t alone – that’s what my friend Bernadette does. Be flexible, figure out what sort of a group you want it to be, and have fun with it.

To conclude Booked: Reading Together, I’m sharing a compiled list of resources to help with your book club. Many of them will look familiar – I’ve already mentioned some in previous posts in the series, but I’m combining them here to make them easy to find for future reference. And a heads-up: if you’ve missed a post in this series, check out the archives.

Booked {Reading Together} | Book Club Resources

General Sites about Book Clubs

Discussion Questions

Book Club for Kids

Book Club Food

Finding Books

Reference Books

These will often include suggested titles as well

More about My Book Club

Reading is Social at Simply Sarah

Booked | Reading Together | A Series All about Book ClubsBooked: Reading Together

This is part of the Booked: Reading Together series. Throughout October, I’m writing all about book clubs.

Check out the archives in case you missed a post.

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