Book Review: The Legend of Jimmy Spoon

Legend of Jimmy SpoonThe Legend of Jimmy SpoonThe Legend of Jimmy Spoon by Kristiana Gregory

One of the books I pulled from my “to be read” shelf to fulfill my 2013 Reading Challenge. I don’t remember how it ended up in my possession, other than I’ve liked Kristiana Gregory’s work before, but I kept ignoring this one in large part because of the boring cover picture. I know, I know. That’s a terrible reason to skip a book, but it’s the truth.

Happily, the book lived up to my expectations for the author, and not the cover. Gregory narrates Jimmy’s story well (it’s fiction, but it’s based on a true account). I think it’d be a fun choice for older elementary school readers, although if your reader is especially squeamish there are some events that might be upsetting. I could have read it as a child, and the action takes place off-scene and specifics aren’t detailed, but the book does mention things such as scalpings and other battle-related injuries.

Overall, I liked it. The hardest part for me in reading it now was I kept imagining myself as Jimmy’s mom, and how awful it would be for my son to just vanish. As a kid, I would have barely given that a second thought, and imagined myself from Jimmy’s point of view, thinking about how my departure impacted my mom only when he occasionally did.

There’s a sequel, Jimmy Spoon and the Pony ExpressJimmy Spoon and the Pony Express, that I just got from the library, and I’m looking forward to reading about what happens later with Jimmy.

Publisher’s Description:
Twelve-year-old Jimmy Spoon yearns for a life of adventure. So when two Shoshoni boys offer him a horse, Jimmy sneaks away from his family in Salt Lake City to follow the boys. When Jimmy arrives at the Shoshoni camp, he discovers that he is expected to stay–as a member of the tribe!
Inspired by the memoirs of a white man who actually lived with Chief Washakie’s tribe as a boy in the mid-1800s, The Legend of Jimmy Spoon is a compelling coming-of-age adventure.

Book Details

Title: The Legend of Jimmy SpoonThe Legend of Jimmy Spoon
Author: Kristiana Gregory
Category: Juvenile Historical Fiction
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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