Together: Growing Appetites for God by Carrie Ward

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TogetherTogether: Growing Appetites for GodCarrie Ward's Together: Growing Appetites for God | Review by @SheilaRCraig by Carrie Ward.

While the title made me thing the book was more general about “growing appetites for God,” actually it’s very focused on reading the Bible to your children (with a little bit on memorizing scripture with your children.) This isn’t a bad thing, just not what I was expecting!

The short book is extremely encouraging in a “if I can do this, anyone can” way. I loved that she started it while her children were so young still; so many things I read online about teaching your children about God and the Bible seem too advanced for my young kids. But I can definitely read to them, and not just from the kiddie BibleThe Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name we have (as much as I love it).

The appendix lists some useful resources, but as Ward emphasizes, all you have to have is a Bible.

The personal examples included are often humorous, and helped to give ideas of how to implement this in my life, with my children. The chapter on getting through the tough stuff was also helpful as I think ahead to how we’ll handle difficult passages.

Overall, it’s an inspiring and challenging approach to reading the Bible as a family, and the benefits it brings.

Highly recommended.

putting it into practice

I was so encouraged and inspired by the book that before I even finished it, I’d started reading a regular Bible with my children. It’s such a simple idea, but that’s why it works so well.

The first weeks our morning reading had been punctuated by the baby (1 year old) screeching for more to eat and her 3-year-old brother running around in circles, interrupting every other sentence to ask to go outside / go for a walk / play in the playroom / etc., etc., etc.

I have no idea if he is paying the slightest bit of attention.

Then we reach Genesis 3. I get to the part where God is questioning Adam and Eve, after they’ve eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.

Me: “So the Lord God asked the woman: ‘What is this you have done?'”
G: {stops running around like the wild man he is}
They were in the garden!!!
And they ate … they ate … they ate … THE TREE!
{very long pause}
And that wasn’t nice!

Nothing like a little encouragement that this is a good thing I’m doing, and that I should keep doing it. And I’m sad to admit that we never even finished Genesis – sickness struck and then I never got back to it with the kids. It’s way past time for me to do that.

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Publisher’s Description:
Christian parents have a responsibility to make sure their children know and love God’s Word. But what if you struggle as a parent to read the Bible yourself. How can you pass a love for God’s Word along to your children if you struggle with it yourself? That was Carrie Ward’s story. Until God gave her a plan to help her develop a consistent time in the Word, right along with her children. Readers will walk together with Carrie Ward, an everyday mama, as she journeys through the Bible with her small children one chapter a day. As her children re-enact the Bible stories readers will be able to see Scripture through the eyes of a child. Parents will learn how to impart God’s truth to their children day by day, and will see its transformative power on their families. Together: Growing Appetites for God is an easy read and includes helpful tools for scripture memorization and charts to follow progress through the Bible.

Title: Together: Growing Appetites for God
Author: Carrie Ward (An Everyday Mama)
Category: Nonfiction / Parenting / Christian Living
My Rating: 4.5 Stars

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