Book Stacks and My Current Reads – More #31BookPics

Clearly I’m not going to manage a picture every day, but I’m still doing some #31BookPics. This week I’ve got some of my current reads, and a book stack.

current readsWhile I usually have a huge stack of “real” (i.e., physical) books in progress, right now I’m almost exclusively reading ebooks. It’s so much easier to hold a Kindle or my phone while nursing, and that’s my main reading time right now.

I know that eventually I’ll get back to all forms, but for now I’m just grateful for the electronic option (and my library’s extensive collection that I can borrow!) I love how it’s easy to have so many options on one device – I can easily fit a book to my current reading mood. 🙂

book stacksThe book stack is what’s planned for my son’s 1st grade year. Except we’ll be getting to it sooner than that – as soon as he finishes his current curriculum (and I use that word very loosely) we’ll move on to this.

He doesn’t know about summer breaks, and this way I can take breaks whenever we need them without concern we’ll fall behind where he should be. Plus he loves school and I love the structure it gives to our days. It doesn’t hurt that I’m excited about reading almost all of these titles, and he’s excited about the ones that are for him to read himself!

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  1. I loved One Summer! Are you liking it?

    And I hear ya, I STILL have trouble trying to find time to read hardcover books!

    • Yes, except I’m not really reading it right now (despite it showing on that screen). It’s not a good fit for my current reading time of lots of interrupted snippets, plus it requires more brain power/concentration than I generally have right now. I’ve got a few others like that hanging out in that “currently reading” folder on my Kindle where I’m not making progress on them, and might not for awhile longer. If that makes sense. 🙂

      But I do like it – and want to be able to appreciate it!

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