Booked: Reading Together {All About Book Clubs}

This month I’ll be participating in Write 31 Days, focusing on book clubs.

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If you’ve thought about joining one, I’ll discuss why you might want to.

If you’ve wanted to start one, I’ll give you tips and ideas of things to consider.

If you’re looking for help revitalizing your discussions, I’ll have potential questions and discussion ideas.

And if you just want some ideas of great books to read that have plenty of depth for discussing, I’ll have those too.

Join me throughout October, as it’ll be all about book clubs.

Because some books are meant to be talked about.

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And a heads-up! Although I am doing this along with the Write 31 Days, I won’t actually be posting all 31 days in October. This will be a weekdays-only series.

  1. Introducing Booked: Reading Together
  2. What Book Clubs Are (And Why To Join One)
  3. Starting a New Book Club
  4. Starting a New Book Club: Figuring Out Meeting Logistics
  5. Book Club How-To’s: Keeping Track of The Details
  6. How to Find a Book Club in Your Area
  7. 72 Great Novels for Book Clubs
  8. What Makes for Great Book Club Books (and Tips for Selecting Them)
  9. Methods for Selecting Book Club Books
  10. Resources for Discovering Great Book Club Books
  11. Choosing Prizewinners or Bestsellers for Book Club
  12. 72 Great Nonfiction Titles for Book Clubs
  13. Book Club Basics: Discussions
  14. Book Club Discussion Questions
  15. Book Club Basics: Food
  16. Hosting an Author at Your Book Club
  17. 60 Great Kid Lit Titles for Your Grown-Up Book Club
  18. Bookish Special Events: How We Do It
  19. Online Book Clubs
  20. Book Club Extras – Bookish Outings, Crafts, Gifts, and More
  21. Book Club FAQs
  22. Book Club Resources

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