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I shared this on the Facebook page, but it’s so wonderfully geeky I have to share it here too: Goodreads put together an infographic on why people abandon books.

Modern Mrs Darcy posted this week about why it’s so hard to put down a book. She included a great graphic in the post, but didn’t include one of my favorite related images:


{I resemble that remark.}

Kelly Wiggans has a great post about reading – Don’t Read with Your Eyes. Go – read it!

There’s been a lot written about JK Rowling and her new book, which she published under a pseudonym. I liked Jody Hedlund’s thoughts on it.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, Quirk Books shared some possible ice cream flavors inspired by books. Read the comments too – there are some other great ideas there. Some people are so creative.


  1. That infographic is so interesting. I can’t continue reading a book if I don’t care about the main character or if it takes too long for something exciting to happen.

  2. Love it! Remind me to pick your brain soonish about how to fit in reading with a busy life season. I know people do it, so I think I can read more to some degree — even on a smaller scale — but I would love tips and I’d bet you have lots of good ones. 🙂

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