Bookworm Problems: Impatiently Waiting for the Next Book in a Series

Winter(Let’s just subtitle this post: Are You KIDDING Me Winter Won’t Be Published Until November 2015???)

I am a series reader. Mysteries, fantasy – they’re all fun, and in many ways I prefer them as series. I can get attached to characters that way, and follow them through multiple books. And, especially for fantasy series, it allows for bigger story lines.

There’s one big drawback to series reads: the wait for the next installment. It’s one reason I often like to come into a series when it’s been out for awhile – I can binge read and not have to wait for the next one to be published.

Where I went wrong recently was with the Lunar Chronicles series. Book 1, Cinder, was fantastic! I loved it! And then I had to wait, but not too long for book 2, Scarlet.

Then I had to wait almost a year for book 3, Cress, and then I was dreading the year wait for the final book, Winter.

Recently I went looking for it, thinking perhaps it’d be in my library catalog soon for me to add myself to the holds list before it gets into triple digits. Only to discover that the publication date has been changed to NOVEMBER of next year. Not January/February like I was sure it was originally. NOVEMBER. As in, still more than a year away. Now I’m only WISHING it’d just been a year like I first thought it would be.


Anyone else impatiently waiting for the next book in a series?

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  1. I fell in love with the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. Book one: published 2007. Book Two: 2011. Book Three: ??
    Drives me bonkers

  2. I am in the same predicament! I love the Lunar Chronicles series. The only good news is that the prequel “Fairest” does come out in January! And, it’s a full length novel, too! Hopefully that can hold us over until November of NEXT YEAR.

  3. I get like this with TV shows all the time! Most of my favorites are old shows like Hercule Poirot or Yes Prime Minister, because I don’t have to wait for new episodes or worry about them being cancelled. 🙂

  4. *Sob* I’m also DYING to read Winter.

    And I CANNOT WAIT for Blue Lily, Lily Blue. To the point that I think I’m going to preorder it for REAL DOLLARS. (ha!)

    Thanks for linking up. 🙂


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