Bookworm Problems when Traveling

#BookwormProblemsWe recently took a road trip, and despite the advantages of having an e-reader, I still run into significant Bookworm Problems:

I can’t take all the books I want to with me. Even when we road trip and there’s plenty of space to bring along a big tote crammed full of books. Even when I have a Kindle loaded with dozens and dozens of books. Even when I’m only gone 10 days and cannot possibly get through all the books I’ve already packed. I still want to bring more and more.

What if I’m not in the mood to read the books I’ve got with me? What if we get stuck somewhere and our trip gets extended by several days or more? What if I suddenly turn into a speed reader and fly through everything I have?

It’s still not going to happen, thanks to the Kindle. I could read every physical book I have with me, and get through all the Kindle books already loaded, and if needed could download some new ones. Theoretically I could travel with nothing but the Kindle and have plenty to read the entire trip.

Doesn’t matter, I can’t give up my tote of books. Fortunately I have a very understanding husband who might roll his eyes a bit, but never objects to essential travel supplies. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tell me I’m not the only book nerd who needs to travel with a security blanket that’s make of piles of reading material?

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  1. I was in Mexico for a week and I brought 3 books. It didn’t seem like much but I was tight on space so I figured I’d just read slow. Then I ran out with 2 days left! They had a little lending library but since most of the other guests were European (particularly Spanish and French) there weren’t any books in English! I wasn’t so mad about running out at the resort but I didn’t have anything for the airport and the plane ride which was worse. So I hear ya, I got burned once so now Im making room for extra books next trip!

  2. No, you are not alone! I go to the cabin with a huge tote of library books from my “city” library, plus I went out and got a library card for the local “small town” library (and they have three libraries within 10 miles of the cabin), PLUS I bring my Kindle. (I even got another adaptor to keep at the cabin, in case I run out of power and I forgot to bring my regular adaptor.)

    • I like the way you think – library card for the cabin area libraries, plus a Kindle charger that stays at the cabin. Definitely sounds like what I’d do.

      (Getting a library card is always one of the first things I do whenever I’ve moved to a new location – long before most people would bother to take care of that task.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Count me in… these days, I have a tablet for ebooks, and that helps. But on a recent trip I underestimated how many books my son could get through during a week – there was more time for reading than I anticipated. And since he only reads Finnish, there was nothing we could get for him. I had to tell him to play a game on the tablet instead of reading so that he’d have some of the book left to read on the 6-hour flight back. I must be the only mum in the world who makes her son play a computer game when he wants to read a book…

    • That’s hilarious – making him play a game instead of reading – but I’d have done the same thing facing a 6-hour return flight.

  4. I do that too–I have a deep fear of running out of books, or of not having one I precisely feel like reading at that moment. That’s why I have 35 books on my TBR shelf at this moment (pretty typical) and never EVER travel without the tote bag full of at least 15 options.

    • Yes yes yes – that is another reason my tote bag is always stuffed so full – what if the books I picked aren’t that good, or I’m just not in the mood for the ones I picked?

      And now I’m feeling quite restrained – my tote bag only had 14 books in it. (Let’s not count how many are on the Kindle, but I did finally hit the limit for how many books I could load onto it, and had to do some deleting to fit the new ones).

  5. Your description of the “problem” reminded me of that scene between Jo and Laurie in the 1990s remake of Little Women where they are deciding which of Laurie’s books to pack to take to college. Really, what a wonderful problem to have – too many good books in the world to ever choose!

  6. Yes, definitely. Kindle + extra charger + regular paperbacks. My husband doesn’t understand why I need so many options, but I dread the thought of not having something to read!

  7. I generally bring my Kindle and a physical book or two. Running out of things to read would be scary, but I even worry about bringing a book and then not wanting to read it. I’m not sure what is worse running out of things to read or reading something I don’t enjoy because I don’t have another option.

    • I’d much rather read something I wasn’t enjoying that much than not have anything at all to read, although that would still drive me a little bit crazy – the wasted reading time that could have gone towards something better!

  8. I used to bring so many books with me when I traveled. The kindle is enough for me, but it is packed to the brim with books! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love this idea, but still get too antsy to leave all my physical books behind. Maybe if I did more traveling via airplane, where luggage amount and weight mattered more than it does when road tripping I’d be forced to get over myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thanks so much for linking up!

    I share your dilemma — because on the few occasions when I’ve talked myself into “packing light”, those are the vacations where I end up having tons of reading time… and nothing to read. Better safe than sorry! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The fear of being caught without a book is real. A few years ago (pre-Kindle ownership) I was on a trip to Istanbul for a family event. One of the many books I brought was a dog and I ran out. I swapped books with another hungry reader. And ran out again before we caught the plane home. The English-language choices in the Istanbul airport were–odd. I ended up re-reading two of the books I brought with me.

    My motto now–always carry more books than you think you can read. Once I even mailed myself books at a vacation location.

    • I’d re-read too.

      Many many years ago (a.k.a. when I was in college) I went to Germany for the summer, and there was no way for me to pack enough books to read that length of time. For the handful of books I could pack, I specifically picked ones that I wouldn’t mind rereading just for that reason. Now I’d just load up my Kindle to the brim as my backup.


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