Favorite Contemporary Children’s Books

I adore children’s and young adult books, but tend to prefer historical tales to contemporary stories. A lot of that is because I don’t appreciate that many authors seem to think contemporary automatically means gritty, profane, or crude. Happily, that’s not always the case, and the following books are all ones that I enthusiastically include in my favorite books:

Favorite Contemporary Children's or Young Adult Books - Close to FamousClose to FamousFavorite Contemporary Children's or Young Adult Books - Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

I love love love love love Joan Bauer, and the hardest part of featuring her in today’s post was selecting just one of her books. So I made it easy on myself and just picked the last one I’d read. Bauer’s stories have all had memorable characters and a lot of warmth and heart. While they are often going through some tough situations (not much of a plot if there isn’t any conflict), Bauer handles the situations with a gentle touch and the overall tone is one of hope.

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