Trust. Hope. Rejoice.

Book Review of Trust Hope Rejoice by Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth Johnson’s Trust. Hope. Rejoice. is a devotional about dealing with life’s difficulties. While Johnson’s perspective is shaped by her health challenges, her devotionals are not limited in application to those who also are dealing with health issues; her Biblical approach and words of encouragement are relevant to any sort of difficulties you might be facing.

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Book Review: Enough by Will Davis Jr

EnoughEnough: Finding More by Living with LessEnough: Finding More by Living with Less by Will Davis, Jr. by Will Davis, Jr.

How do we know when we’ve had enough, living in a culture that pushes for more-more-more?

I’d probably be more enthusiastic about the book, except for reading it so soon after 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. Enough seemed like it covered a lot of the same ground as 7, and in a much more impersonal way. Part of what made 7 so powerful for me was how Jen threw herself into the challenge, and made it so easy to imagine myself in her shoes {so to speak}.

Enough challenges you to evaluate you life, and realize that whatever you have, it’s enough. It encourages contentment in what you already have, and compassion for those in need. All good stuff, to be sure. But coming so soon after reading 7, it wasn’t as powerful as it would have otherwise been. However, I think Enough would be easier to recommend to my husband, or other men. 7 is so personal, with such a feminine perspective, that most guys I know wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I did.

So, if you’re in the market for a book about being satisfied with what you already have, about acknowledging how blessed we already are, about sharing with those in need, either 7 or Enough are good choices. But I’d pick one or the other, and not both.

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Book Details

Title: Enough: Finding More by Living with LessEnough by Will Davis Jr
Author: Will Davis, Jr.
Category: Nonfiction / Christian Living
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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Review: WorkShift

Book Review WorkShift by Anne BogelI have always appreciated Anne Bogel’s writing at Modern Mrs. Darcy, and her take on what it means to be a woman, wife, and mother in today’s society. So when I learned she was writing an ebook on creating a better blend of work, life, and family, I could hardly wait to read it.

And happily, WorkShift is well worth the wait. And well worth your time reading.

Anne gives a brief synopsis of her story, and how she and her husband came to do “share care” with their four children. But the book is not merely Anne’s story.

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