Getting Geeky: 2012 Reads, Charts and Graphs Style

Books Read in 2012 Charts GraphsThis post was completely inspired by Jessica at The Quirky Bookworm’s post. I adore stats, and seeing all the variations of what she charted make my nerdy heart skip a beat. I immediately knew I’d have to make my own charts and graphs. I thought I’d just follow her lead with what I measured, but I found I was curious about a few additional variables, so I’ve added some additional charts.

Total Books Read: 159
Actually, I know I read at least a few more than that but while I was visiting family in the Spring I didn’t keep track of the books I read. And I went through a few months where I didn’t record any of the children’s books I read, so eh, the adult and young adult books are mostly complete, and most of the stats are accurate, but it’s not completely perfect.

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Books Read in 2012

Books Read in 2012Overall I’m pleased with my reading in 2012. I read some great books, and read a lot in some of my favorite areas (memoirs especially).

As I reviewed my list of books, I was struck by some of the lighter, genre fiction that I read. I’d say that I read too much of that, except that I know that virtually all of it was done via ebooks and in pockets of time that don’t lend themselves to deeper reading. So almost all of that reading was done during times that I would otherwise have read nothing at all, which doesn’t feel quite as bad as it would otherwise. I’ve also figured out a more efficient way to find books I can read on my kindle so I’m hoping in 2013 I’ll have higher quality ereads as well. 🙂

My list of board and picture books isn’t complete. I wasn’t always great about recording the books we borrowed from the library, and hope to improve on that this year. I like keeping track of them so I remember what we’ve already borrowed, and so that when I’m trying to remember “what was the name of that book we read that my kids loved so much?” I have a better chance to figure it out.

An asterisk (*) by a title means it’s one I especially enjoyed or recommend.
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What I’m Looking Forward to Reading in 2013

This doesn’t just include books to be published in 2013. My list includes books that I’m waiting on the library holds list because they’re still fairly new and popular. It also includes books that are new to me. And it also includes books that I simply haven’t gotten to, because my to be read list is out of control, but I am very excited to finally have a chance to read them.

So, in random order, my most anticipated books to read in 2013:

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2013 Reading Goals

I’m fairly new to the whole “setting reading goals” thing, but figure with the new blog that it’s a good time to start.

So, some reading goals for the new year:
2013 Reading Goals

  1. Participate in my 2013 Reading Challenge.
    I think I have to make this one of my goals.
  2. Read 150 books.
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Even More Reasons to Use Goodreads

Even More Reasons to Use GoodreadsWhat? You thought I was done talking about Goodreads? Apparently I have a lot to say about it.

I’ve written in general about why to use Goodreads.

I wrote about why you should even bother to track your books (whether by Goodreads or another option).

But Goodreads offers even more advantages that I don’t fully take advantage of yet.

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Why to Track The Books You Read

Why to Track the Books You Read via GoodreadsIn the comments for a recent post about using Goodreads, Elizabeth asked why should you keep track of the books you read.

I’ve got to admit, the question floored me a bit. Why should you? Why wouldn’t you want to?

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Using Goodreads

Using Goodreads

In my post about ways to find great books to read, I mentioned Goodreads.

If you’ve never used Goodreads, you may have glossed over the mention, but it’s worth a closer look.

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My One Tip for How to Read More

How to Read MoreThat’s right, I’m sharing my number one tip for reading more. Plus a related tip that’s a just a bonus.

It’ll keep you motivated, and keep you looking for pockets of time to read.

What is my kinda-obvious-but-still-often-ignored tip? Well, you’ll just have to click to find out – I’m guest posting over at DogFur and Dandelions as part of Elizabeth’s “One Tip” series.

See you over there!

And if you like my One Great Tip, don’t miss some of the other tips in the series:

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Library Love

Library Stacks I used to work literally steps away from a branch of the local library (the branch shared our building). I loved it, and made great use of it’s convenient location – I always had piles of books checked out, and I’d reserve books constantly. The ease of finding them in their online catalog and placing a request on it, to then have it arrive at what was basically my door? Glorious.

I don’t work there any more, and I’ve had to retrain myself and my library reserve habits. Now I have to carefully plan when I’ll put books on reserve; with only visiting the library every three weeks it requires precision timing so that reserves don’t expire before I can pick them up (incurring much sadness from me, plus a $2 fine per book.)

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How to Find Great Books to Read

5 tips for how to find great books to read  The Deliberate ReaderFinding great books to read doesn’t have to be difficult: here are 5 tips to help you so you can make the most of your reading time.

  1. Use Goodreads
    If you use Goodreads and rate 50 books, it will suggest additional books that you may enjoy thanks to the cumulative ratings of books by their users. I often check and see what it’s recommending for me, and have noticed that it regularly mentions books that I’ve already read and enjoyed, just haven’t entered into my “books read” list yet, so their algorithm for recommendations works fairly well for me.
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