Choosing Books – Another #31BookPics

choosing booksLast weekend was our book club’s retreat. It was fun and relaxing and also very productive – we picked all of the books we’ll read next year!

We had spreadsheet with options, and there was voting and a couple of painful acknowledgments that no, we couldn’t read allthebooks, nor could we pick 500+ page works every month.

It still seems like next year has a subtheme going of “the year of long books” – we’ve got a handful that are definitely upping our average page count.

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  1. Whoa! You guys are ORGANIZED. 🙂

    • The organization IS all Sheila!! As much as I love to have everything all organized Sheila’s the go-getter that keeps us in line!! (Thank you Sheila!!! We all REALLY appreciate you and your gift!!)

      • Spreadsheets make me happy. 🙂 I *might* have two open on my computer right now, as I do some planning for next year.

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