Cover Love: The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler

One very newly published book, three covers. How can that be? Because there is the US version, and the others are the still-to-be-published UK and Australia versions. They’re all great, in very different ways.

The Book of Speculation Covers

The stack of books in the US cover caught my eye, and made me want to read it, but that house on the cliff in the UK version is so eerie, and so right for the book. It would have also made me pick it up and see what it was about. And while I think the Australian version is really pretty, it wouldn’t have made me want to read the book.

Which cover do you like the best? Would one of them (or more) make you pick the book up and see if you liked the description?

(Curious to know what I thought about it? My review is here.)

This new “Cover Love” series is inspired by the “Judging Books by Their Covers” series previously run at Quirky Bookworm.


  1. I kind of love them all. It’s hard to judge without having read the book. The Australian one makes it look like more of a fantasy book, so I might not pick that one up. The US one makes it look sort of Downton Abbey-ish, but with books. This book is on my TBR list. I need to get to it soon.

    • I like hearing your thoughts on the covers when you haven’t read the book, because now I *can’t* look at the covers without thinking about how they relate to the content.

  2. I LOVE that cover with the stack of books! I’d absolutely pick that one up in the store. How can anyone refuse a stack of books?

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