Cover Love: Book of a Thousand Days

Book of a Thousand Days

From left to right: US Hardback, US Paperback, UK Hardback, US Paperback

I’m partial to the US Hardback cover, as it was also the cover on the Kindle version I read. The UK versions are both really pretty, but it’s not that pretty of a book, so I wonder if those covers lead to readers feeling mislead as to the book.

Perhaps not, as there may be other cultural cues or expectations that I’m ignorant of regarding UK covers.

It’s hard to pick a true favorite – I like them all, and know it’s only my familiarity with the first one that draws me to it the most. It is nice when all the covers for a book are good, instead of feeling like I’m picking the best from a bunch of unappealing ones.

What’s most interesting to me is the subtle title change. In the US, the book is “Book of a Thousand Days,” while in the UK it’s “The Book of a Thousand Days.” Why does the UK version have the “the,” while the US version doesn’t?

This new “Cover Love” series is inspired by the “Judging Books by Their Covers” series previously run at Quirky Bookworm.


  1. I’m always intrigued by different covers for the same book. I like the US one best as well. Whether it is different countries versions or changes from hardcover to paperback. It is always interesting how it changes my view of a book.

    • I find variations in book covers absolutely fascinating (obviously, or I wouldn’t post about them as regularly as I do). I’d love to hear about the stories behind cover design, and why certain ones were selected for the audience they have.

  2. I’m reading this book currently. I like the U.S. hardback as well. It’s subtle, but I like that Dashti is holding the book behind her back. It’s a very creative picture. I hadn’t noticed the title change. I was including the “The” in the title whenever I said it. Interesting.

    • I used the “The” with the title as well, until I wrote my review and double-checked it and realized it didn’t have that. Then when I wrote this post I realized the UK version did – so interesting to me!

      Are you liking the book? I enjoyed it so much I’m really excited to hear from others who are reading it, and hoping that they like it as well.

      • I just got to part 2. I am enjoying it so far. I am guessing it’s about to get more interesting, but I am impressed with how interesting a story about two girls locked in a tower has been so far. I’ll review it on my blog once I finish.

  3. Book covers are fascinating, like music album covers used to be. I like the US paperback version the best of the four above. As humans we are always drawn to peoples faces. If the fancy strikes you, feel free to add a sentence to our Story Game. One sentence per author, it will be fun to see where the plot leads! Happy Summer! James Williams

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