Cover Love: Burial Rites


Hannah Kent’s novel Burial Rites was our book club selection last month, and I asked about the cover versions in the Facebook group, but then realized I never asked about it here! Three covers – hardcover, Australian, and paperback/Kindle. I first was drawn to the book by the hardcover version, but ended up reading the Kindle version. And I like both of those covers! I don’t dislike the middle one, but it would never have made me take a second look at it.

Which one do you like best? Would one of them make you more likely to pick up the book?

(Interested in what I thought about it? Here’s my review.)

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  1. I was really confused by the middle cover at first, though maybe that’s only because I live in a part of the country where feathers tend to be a signifier of American Indians? I didn’t know what a book set in Iceland had to do with plains tribes, ha. But I guess it’s supposed to be a raven feather, and feathers/birds were a big motif in the book. I actually think that’s the prettiest cover, but it didn’t give me a good initial idea of what the book was about. The one on the left was the cover on the CD case for the audiobook from the library, and it’s fine but bland. The one on the right I think fits the best with the book.

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