Cover Love: The Count of Monte Cristo

A look at some of the covers The Count of Monte CristoThe Count of Monte Cristo has had through the years. Emphasis on only some of them – as popular public domain book that’s been translated into multiple languages, there was no way to feature them all.

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The Count of Monte Cristo Covers 1

From left to right: the Robin Buss translation I read and think is the easiest way to read the book in English, the beautiful leather bound version that I think is the prettiest one, a movie tie-in version that confuses me a bit (what is he doing? Would it make sense if I’d seen the movie?), a striking one that wins points from me for being something so different than everything else I was seeing, and a Canadian version that goes really heavy on the symbolism.

The Count of Monte Cristo Covers 2

From left to right: The author, and then lots of depictions of the Count, often looking off into the distance.
The Count of Monte Cristo Covers 3

More of the Count, many of them still where he’s looking off into the distance. Why is he almost always looking off to the right (his left?). In the version on the far left he’s also floating somewhat menacingly in the clouds over the Château d’If.

The Count of Monte Cristo Covers 4

Speaking of the Château d’If, it features prominantly on many covers as well.

The Count of Monte Cristo Covers 5

The far left cover is, based on my shaky French, perhaps one of the earliest ones after it was compiled into a single book. The next is a Tor paperback, which caught my eye because I didn’t realize Tor published “classic” novels – I thought they were all science fiction/fantasy. The middle seems like it’s taking a small item from the book, and using it as the cover inspiration. The fourth had me convinced it was a children’s adaptation (though apparently it’s not, but it is an abridged version). And the final one makes me laugh and feel sad. Do you see why?

The Count of Monte Cristo Covers 6

And these covers make me smile. They’re mostly comic book adaptations of the story, or heavily abridged and illustrated editions. Those illustrations are hilarious and I love them. I think the fourth one might be my favorite – the look on his face is fantastic!

Which one is your favorite? Do you have an alternative cover that you want to share – I think you can post it on the blog’s Facebook page (or if you’re in the book club group on Facebook I know you can share it there). I had to quit looking for more cover options as there are just. so. many.

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The Count of Monte Cristo Covers


  1. So fun to see these all together! I have books one and seven on my shelf.

  2. My copy is the middle blue cover I the third row. Sadly, the boring cover lol. Very neat seeing these together!

  3. The movie adaptation one has the same cover as the DVD I own. It doesn’t really make sense… I’m not even sure what scene it’s from! Its one of my favorite movies. I’ve only ever read an abridged version… It’s just so long!

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