Crimes and Mathdemeanors by Leith Hathout

Crimes and MathdemeanorsCrimes and MathdemeanorsCrimes and Mathdemeanors by Leith Hathout by Leith Hathout

Think Encyclopedia BrownEncyclopedia Brown Box Set (4 Books) by Donald J. Sobol solving math problems. Very advanced word problems.

The writing is serviceable, but I don’t expect anyone is picking up the book for the writing. It’s the challenge of solving the problems that’s the appeal. I’d recommend it to high schoolers taking advanced math, or adults who want to see how rusty their math skills are.

And mine? Were super rusty. 🙂

I still enjoyed the mysteries, and counted it a success when I figured out the key information in the puzzle, even if I couldn’t remember the specifics of how to solve the problems.

Recommended if it sounds like something you’d enjoy as a brain-stretcher, rather than a literary experience.

Publisher’s Description:A collection of short detective stories for young adults who are interested in applying high school level mathematics and physics to solving mysteries. The main character is Ravi, a 14-year-old math genius who helps the local police solve cases. Each chapter is a detective story with a mathematical puzzle at its core that Ravi is able to solve. The author invites the reader to solve the case on his or her own and then explains the mathematics used to find the solution to the puzzle.

Book Details

Title: Crimes and MathdemeanorsCrimes and Mathdemeanors by Leith Hathout
Author: Leith Hathout
Category: Fiction
My Rating: 3 Stars

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