A Day in the (Homeschool) Life

Linking up with Sonlight’s monthly blog. April’s prompt: Share a day in the life of your family. What does your family’s homeschool schedule look like?

Witching Hour7:30 My son brings me the baby. This is one of his favorite things to do, so if she’s not crying, I often will leave her in her crib for him to wake up and get her out. She gets fed while I talk with her brother and wait for her sister to wake up.

8:00 Downstairs, to fix breakfast for everyone. First up is tea for me. The kids watch a 30 minute show until I finish drinking a second cup, then we all go back upstairs to get dressed for the day. Upstairs chores as well – make beds, start a load of laundry.

Reading9:00 Downstairs to get started on the day for real this time. Into the playroom to do school. We’ll start with our Bible reading, and then we’ll alternate picks. I pick Sonlight books, and check things off in our IG as I finish them. We do not ever follow it exactly. 🙂 I also move the laundry over when I hear it buzz that the wash cycle has finished.

10:00 We’ve moved on to game time – my son alternates reading a section of his AAR lesson with playing a game. Once he finishes the AAR lesson, he’ll do his math the same way. A page of math, another game, then another page of math. The baby has also gone down for a nap, although it’s always questionable if she’ll sleep or not.

Math11:00 Wrapping up the last game now, and it’s time to go get the baby and get her changed and all of us ready to leave for my daughter’s taekwondo class. They used to both be in the same class, but my son aged out of it and is now in the “regular” classes, instead of the tot classes. It’s better for him, but a lot more time spent by me waiting and watching.

12:00 Class just ended, and now it’s our usual Monday routine – picking up lunch somewhere and bringing it home! Today is my son’s turn to pick, and he wants Arby’s.

Waiting at TKD1:00 Finishing up lunch cleanup, and then I get help folding laundry and putting it away. I’m trying to stretch things out with everyone so quiet time starts when the baby is ready to go down for her nap. That helps guarantee a real break for me. 🙂

2:00 Quiet time for the big kids, naptime for the baby. It was my daughter’s turn to pick which room she wanted to be in for quiet time, and she picked the play room. My son then chose to be in the TV room (the TV isn’t on, but that’s still their name for the room). He’s got a Lego set in there with him which should keep him busy, or else he’ll work his way through a stack of puzzles.

Reading Lesson3:00 Snack time! They both know how to read the clock to tell if it’s snack time. This helps prevent every-five-minute queries of “can I have a snack?” I dole out some snacks and send them outside to play.

4:00 Still outside, although they’re in and out frequently. The baby is up and we’re watching them from the front room until it’s time to get ready to go to my son’s taekwondo class. He’s responsible for making sure he has everything he needs for class – gear and uniform. He does a great job at it, and has never forgotten anything.

H playing with her friends5:00 G’s taekwondo class has just begun, and he’s thrilled that today I chose to drop him off (“like a big kid!”) and take the girls to the store around the corner. His class is 45 minutes, and if I hustle I can pick up enough to get us through the week. And if the checkout lines are long, well, there’s another class right after his and they don’t mind if he watches it for a few minutes until I get there to pick him up.

6:00 We’ve just arrived home and it’s time to unload the groceries and get dinner going. Right now I’m really wishing I’d put something in the crock pot this morning. Instead we’re having green chili enchiladas with black beans and rice. The kids both want to play a game on the computer and since it keeps them out of the way while I cook, I’m all for it. They’re alternating between a geography game, building a mummy, playing Barbie dress-up, and a race game. The first two are courtesy the links that come along with the Encyclopedia we’re reading as part of Core A.

Dinner7:00 Almost ready to eat. It got much easier to finish dinner once daddy got home at 6:30 and could take over with the baby. The kids are all back outside playing while daddy watches/joins in. Dinner won’t thrill them, and while in theory I’d have them try everything I already know this meal is too spicy for them. Instead they get leftovers and anything else I can easily scrounge together.

8:00 Wrapping up dinner clean up and setting up the dishwasher to run overnight. Then it’s time to get the baby ready for bed – she’s tired and getting cranky. The older two start their bedtime routine at 8:30, but daddy takes care of all of that.

Playing Games9:00 Kids are showered and pj’d. Now they’re playing a bit until it’s time to get in bed and turn out the lights. Time for me to get ready for bed.

10:00 This is my prime reading time, after the kids are all asleep. I just have to choose carefully lest I get sucked into a story and lose track of time!

11:00 Lights out, crossing my fingers that the baby sleeps through the night, and if she doesn’t that she’s quick to go back to sleep after eating!

Full disclosure: The pictures are pulled from several different days, as I’m not on the ball enough to get a full day’s worth taken in one day. They’re not staged at all (except for me arranging the books to show all the titles), and do represent what our days look like.



  1. It’s so interesting how different all of our days are! I love this day, because it’s a bit of a peek into my past, when the kids were a little younger. What’s their favorite book this core?

    • Well, we’ve only just started Core A (on week 4), so there aren’t a lot to choose from. But The Boxcar Children was a HUGE hit when we first read it last Fall, so it’ll be hard to ever top that one.

      Although the Curious George one is another one they adored – instead of just reading one story as scheduled, we read the entire book in one session, as they kept demanding I continue. 😉

      And they liked The Story of Ping a lot too – really, so far the only one they don’t love is the Bible. We’ve switched to a different version.

  2. Thanks for sharing a peek at your day. My pictures weren’t all the same day either. It’s just nice to have a representation. I liked what you said about checking things off and not trying to do it all.

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