December 2017 Recap

For feeling like I was in a lengthy reading slump to end the year my year-end total is a surprising 230 books. Surprising, because that’s my “books read for me” total – it isn’t counting all the kids’ books I read.

This is why Goodreads shows me at 374 books finished for the year, and even that isn’t completely right but I refuse to look into it because I will want to obsess over it and that is a poor use of my time. So. A lot of books, which Yay! Books!

The Month in Stats

Books Read This Month: 13
Books Read This Year: 230

Things That Happened

  • Book club – we did a recap of the year-in-books for my in-person book club and Swear on This Life in the Facebook group.
  • Christmas, which ended up being much more eventful than I wanted. M had a reaction to something (we’re suspecting it was pistachios) and had major face-swelling and several days of woe.
  • Basketball had some games and then took a three-week hiatus.
  • H passed her taekwondo belt testing and is now a senior red belt. Next stop: black belt!
  • We did “holiday school,” which meant more holiday book reading, less official reading from the Instructors Guides. Plus H had a few days where all she did was art.

What I’m Anticipating in January

  • Back to basketball. This is when I really appreciate it – it’s SO COLD here and the kids don’t manage to play outside much. Basketball gets them running around and burning off energy a couple of times a week which is fantastic.
  • Disney on Ice with the girls (and H’s Girl Scout troop).
  • G gets braces. Yes, braces. Phase one, and it will hopefully make for a simpler phase two down the road by getting some more space in his mouth right now.
  • A visit to the allergist, to try and confirm what caused M’s reaction, and possibly to get a prescription to an EpiPen if it turns out to be necessary.
  • Girl Scout cookie sales begin – I hadn’t realized they started right after the new year. H was wanting to go around the neighborhood like G did with his Cub Scout popcorn, but when it’s below freezing here (and below zero with the wind chill) that isn’t going to happen. I’m hoping she can still reach her goal because she has her heart set the reward at a specific level. 🙂
  • Book club – Around the World in 80 Days for my in-person book club and The Gifts of Imperfection in the Facebook group.

Books I Read in December

I shared the list of books I read in a recent post.

Not that many readalouds finished, because I wasn’t counting our Christmas books. I just was reading them.

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