E-book Review: Simple Scrubs to Make and Give

Simple Scrubs to Make and GiveSimple Scrubs to Make and GiveSimple Scrubs to Make and Give by Stacy Karen by Stacy Karen. (available as a PDF download or Kindle versionSimple Scrubs to Make and Give by Stacy Karen)

I can be a bit of a dreamer as far as “wouldn’t that be a fun idea? I could totally do that. Or that. Or even that.” And then I turn around and I’ve run out of time to do anything, let alone the fun ideas I thought of.

Why do I bring this up? Because it’s early November which means Christmas is getting close, but there is still time to make some homemade gifts (assuming they’re easy ones). For once I am maybe even thinking about it in time!

This year I’ve also started using essential oils, which is what lead me to DIY scrubs, which led me to this e-book.

what do I like?
  • The recipes are simple. The presentation ideas are simple. I don’t need to be super crafty to end up with something nice to use, either for myself or as a gift.
  • The book is arranged well. I’ve seen a lot of e-books where the layout isn’t done well. Karen was also thoughtful about readers wanting to print parts of the book, and has it structured so that’s easy to do without having to print lots of images as well, by having the end of the book include printing-friendly arrangements of the recipes detailed earlier. This might sound like a minor point, but I appreciated it.
  • She includes sourcing help. No idea where to find the items listed? She’s got most of them linked to a few sites. No worries about tracking down unusual ingredients. Actually, there aren’t any ingredients that I’d call unusual.
what do I not like?
  • To make it easier to present these as gifts, a label template might have been nice but that’s about the only thing I can think of that I missed seeing in it.
  • If you’re looking for an exhaustive book with thousands of specific recipes, this isn’t it. However, she’s got plenty of ideas, and the base recipe can be tweaked into endless variations depending on the combinations of ingredients or scents you choose.
  • If you’re experienced with making your own scrubs, this will likely be too basic for you. For beginners or those with limited experience, it’s helpful.

I can’t speak to every recipe being a winner, but I tried her basic sugar scrub, and added some citrus essential oils to it. I also made a salt scrub with peppermint for my feet. Both of them were super easy to do, and have been nice to use.

With lots of Googling, you can find free scrub recipes online easily, so it may not be worth it to you to buy this ebook. Sometimes I like having everything in one place and easy to find. She does a great job of describing some of the different oils you can use, and scent blends that will give various effects, and that’s nice to have consolidated together.

I got this e-book as part of a bundle, but it’s usually $4. Honestly, I doubt I would have ever bought it on its own, thinking instead that I could just find what I’d want online. Having seen it though, I’m glad I have it in this format and would recommend it if you’re interested in the topic, or are thinking about making some homemade gifts for this holiday season.

Simple Scrubs to Make and Give is a comprehensive guide to creating natural and unique body scrubs at home.

Simple Scrubs to Make and Give includes over 20 recipe variations so you can make gift-worthy scrubs for everyone on your list (or for yourself).

A thorough ingredient guide describes all of the supplies needed to prepare a beautiful and effective scrub. Most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen cabinet!

An essential oil guide and bonus “scrubs to make right now” section make this book one you’ll use again and again.

Book Details

Title: Simple Scrubs to Make and Give – available as a PDF download or Kindle version
Author: Stacey Karen from A Delightful Home
Category: Nonfiction / DIY
My Rating: 4 Stars

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  1. This sounds like a useful book for the upcoming gifting season!

    • Yeah, I am not crafty at all, so most of the homemade gifting ideas that I see floating around aren’t ones I’d make. This was so ridiculously easy, it’s consumable, and you can customize it without any trouble. I was really surprised at how much I liked this book.


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