Early Reader Success: Danny and the Dinosaur

Danny and the DinosaurDanny and the DinosaurDanny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff by Syd Hoff

Syd Hoff is a well-known children’s author, and I found many of his titles on various book lists, especially for early readers. Why did I pick this one to try first? Simple – the library had it on the shelf and immediately available, so into the bag it went.

And then I never saw it again, as my son grabbed it out of the library bag and read it to himself. He took it to bed at night, and asked to stay up a little bit longer to finish a couple more pages. He stretched it out over several days, but he loved it!

I never even heard him read it, but he’d tell me about it the next day, so I know he was reading it.

It was so exciting for me to have found a book that grabbed him enough to want to read it all on his own. I’ve already got Hoff’s Sammy the SealSammy the Seal (I Can Read Book 1) by Syd Hoff requested for our next trip, and there are two more Danny titles to get later, plus plenty more by the author.

Reading success! I love it!

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  1. I remember my brother loved this book when he was little!

    • Convincing my son that reading can be fun is still a work in progress, so you can imagine how thrilled I was that he was so enthusiastic about this one!

  2. Sarah just read one in this series where the dinosaur goes to camp–the library has it! If G likes plays on words, Sarah is really enjoying Amelia Bedelia stories now. I don’t think they are too girly, just silly. I think they are level 2, but they don’t seem much harder to me. There are a ton of them around.

    • I’ve intentionally held off on the Amelia Bedelia books, because the first one is a Sonlight reader so he’ll be getting to it whenever it’s assigned. I don’t know if it matters or not to him to have read later ones before the first one, but I figured I’d just wait. There are so many other early readers that I haven’t had trouble finding enough, but if we start running low I may reconsider my stance.

  3. Syd Hoff is my late uncle. His success at capturing the attention of the young reader can about by his ability to create visuals that told a story. He had been a very successful cartoonist getting his start at The New Yorker magazine when he was 18 years old. His cartoon skills easily translated into children’s books. My own son was able to tell the story of Thunderhoof by merely looking at the simple drawings on each page – a great start to his love for reading. You can learn more about Syd and his amazing legacy at http://www.SydHoff.org. My mission is to preserve and honor his contribution to children and adults.

    • Thank you for the information on your uncle, and the link! He was so talented, and so far he’s been two-for-two with capturing my son’s attention – Sammy the Seal is currently being enjoyed. I’m enjoying the childhood flashbacks, as I recognize the illustrations and obviously read it at some point.

      • Enjoy browsing through the website. I was amazed to discover how many genres Syd worked in, especially short story fiction and advertising commissions. But what he loved doing was visiting school children and teaching them how to cartoon using letters and numbers. His ‘chalk talks’ were a highlight for many, including teachers and librarians.

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