Early Reader Success: Hey Jack!

Hey Jack 1Hey Jack! The Best Birthday Party Ever by Sally Rippin

This was recommended to me as one that was a good choice for early readers. It’s easy to see why – it’s engaging, with short chapters and lots of illustrations. The varying font size makes it easier for newer readers to read with appropriate inflection and emphasis, and the lightly tinted pages are also helpful for them.

While G liked the book, and read it in one sitting, it wasn’t as ideal of a book for him like his adored Wheelnuts. I think if I’d have given him this about a year ago he’d have loved it – now it’s a little bit too easy for him. Because it is a much easier read than Wheelnuts, if you have a reader who isn’t quite ready for those books, this one might be a better fit. It’s roughly at a second grade reading level.

The Best Birthday Party Ever is book one in the Hey Jack! series, and it’s a companion to the original series about Jack’s best friend, Billie B.

And a heads-up: many Usborne books are available in public libraries, so don’t forget to check your local branch if you see me mention ones that sound intriguing.

Disclosure: This is an Usborne book, and I’m an independent consultant for them (i.e., I sell them). I’m still going to give you my honest opinion on their books though, because every book isn’t right for every reader. If you buy from my link I’ll receive a commission, which goes to support the blog and my homeschooling adventure. Thank you for supporting The Deliberate Reader!

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  1. Sounds good. They don’t have this one at our library, but they have others in the series. We’ll check it out for Christopher. He’s starting to read more on his own, so some chapter books would be nice.

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