My Easter Basket Plans

Surprising absolutely no one, my kids are getting books. They’re also getting items for our trip to Florida in May that they’ll need anyway.

I thought briefly about getting them sticker books for the drive but realized that giving them now means they’d probably have them used up before we leave.

For G (age 7 1/2)

The Usborne Outdoor BookThe Usborne Outdoor Book. He is all about Cub Scouts lately, and headed into summer I think he’ll have a lot of fun with the ideas in this one.

I’m also getting him light-weight pjs, and flip-flops or crocs or some sort of shoe that will work well for the pool on our upcoming vacation. I’m also looking at a Cardinals t-shirt for him, because he doesn’t know it but he’s going to a baseball game in April. Not to see the Cardinals, but I know he’ll still want to represent his team. 🙂

For H (age 5 1/2)

Fingerprint Activities BackyardFingerprint Activities Book
She loves anything arts & crafts related, and I love when she can entertain herself. We both win with this one!

She’s getting new pjs as well, plus a new bathing suit as well as pool-friendly shoes. And a dress for Easter, because I can’t resist.

For M (age 2 1/2)

Little Bear Needs GlassesLittle Bear Needs Glasses
She LOVES All Better, and this is a related title. Reusable glasses! I’m sure she’ll love it.

She doesn’t need pjs, or a bathing suit (or a dress, really), but assuming the sale hasn’t ended before I can put my order in, I’ll be getting her a new dress for Easter too. I don’t want ALL of her clothes to always be hand-me-downs. She does need pool-friendly shoes though because her sister’s old ones broke.

All of their baskets will have some candy as well, but my intent is to not have too much of that. I feel somewhat sneaky using items we’d be buying anyway (like for vacation) as basket-filler, but I don’t think they’ll complain.

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  1. I love creating fingerprint art with kids! That book look like lots of fun. I’m also including a book in the Easter basket for my Little Bug (age 6), The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story.

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