Finding New Releases by Authors you Like

Last week Marisa left me a comment with a great question:

Can't Get Enough BooksDo you have a method for discovering new books published by authors you like? When do you know when an author you like has published a new book? It’s a problem that I’ve been looking for a solution for a while, and was wondering if you have any thoughts.

The short answer is to make technology your friend, and that will take care of a lot of it. But what technology exactly?

Right Now, I Use Goodreads

I’ve mentioned before my love for Goodreads (both here and here) and it’s what I often use to keep track of what I want to read next. Assuming the book has any sort of publishing information about it available, you’ll likely find it listed there and can add it to your “want to read” shelf. I’ve been considering making an additional shelf along the lines of “2014 releases” to help find things more quickly, but so far haven’t invested the time. I’ve found books that aren’t planned to be released until 2015 or 2016 listed there when they’re in a series, so it’s worked well for me and my way of using it.

In addition, Goodreads sends out (several) monthly newsletters to members, and one of the options you can receive lists the new books releasing that month by authors you’ve previously read. Obviously, this only works when you’ve entered books into Goodreads, but it’s a reason to at least get some favorite authors in there, and then they’ll let you know about anything new. There’s nothing else you need to do or remember, once they know the authors you’ve read. I regularly find new books I’d otherwise miss thanks to that newsletter.

Even if you haven’t listed any books that you’ve read, you can still take advantage of this newsletter – it also includes a list of new releases from your favorite genres. Entering your favorite genres is a quick task, and will net you those notifications about new books in that genre every month. Love this feature from Goodreads!

FictFact Looks Like It Might Make Things Even Easier for Series Fans

Another options I’ve only recently discovered is FictFact. Like Goodreads, you’ll need to sign up for an account, but this site has enough advantages it might be worth it. They also include a book release calendar you can scan, and you can browse or search to find your favorite series and authors. Follow a series, and your first unread book in that series will be added to a “next books” list, and any new releases in that series will go onto a personalized book release calendar. They send out weekly emails about new series books, and books being released that week. The big drawback with this one seems to be that it does focus on series, and if the books you’re interested in aren’t part of a series, you’re out of luck.

While I can’t really speak to how this one works in real life, I was curious enough about it that I signed up for an account there last weekend to give it a try. It was very easy to add series I’ve read, and generate a list of the “next books” for me. If you’re a die-hard series reader, this is likely to be the easiest one for you to use. I’m not sure I want to bother keeping track of things in yet another location, and will probably continue to use Goodreads, even as imperfect a system as it is. If I cared more about keeping up-to-date on series reads, I’d be more compelled to use this option.

How do you discover new books by favorite authors?

I’m sure there are additional things I’m not considering here. I did briefly think about describing my former method which involved a Word document, but it wasn’t very efficient and isn’t one I’d especially recommend. All it had going for it was it’s what I’d been using and it worked, more or less, and was easy to maintain.

I’d love to give image credit here, but I found it on Pinterest and finally conceded that the original source was lost in a sea of 404 errors and other poorly-sourced pins.


  1. I use my Twitter account to follow publishers. Often times they announce cover reveals for their newest books and stuff. It helps keep the publishers on my radar so I remember to check their websites or Goodreads accounts more frequently.

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! I already use Goodreads, but wasn’t aware of the newsletter option. That sounds perfect! Off to check it out now.

    • If you’re already on Goodreads, it’ll hopefully be pretty easy for you to start getting the newsletter that’ll have those notifications.

  3. Alissa W says:

    Another option is to check with your local library. Some libraries have programs where you can automatically be on hold for the newest release by your favorite author and some libraries online catalog allow you to receive an email when a new book by your author is added to the catalog.

    I am also a fan of Goodreads and find it to be most helpful.

    • That is fantastic – I wish my library had that option! Instead I find myself stalking their catalog to try and get in early on the holds list for some titles.

      I’m so glad you mentioned this; I don’t use my library this way and so I completely forgot to suggest it. My library doesn’t have that great feature you mentioned, but they do have lists of new arrivals in fiction, nonfiction, kids’ books, music, and movies, and I think that is a very common feature in most libraries.

  4. I’ve been very resistant to joining Goodreads — just one. more. thing. — but it does seem to have a lot of really great features. Hmm…

    • I know – I resisted it too for some time, thinking it wasn’t worth dealing with yet another site and log in and all of that. And I do not regret it at all, I love it so much.

  5. I try to follow authors I like on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up for a newsletter on their website. Since not all authors utilize social media I combine that with Goodreads and for the most part it works really well. I’m very jealous of the libraries that notify you-that is a fabulous idea!

    • That’s another good idea – both from the authors and I know a lot of publishers offer newsletters as well that likely include new releases.

  6. I recently discovered that Amazon will email you when a favorite author is coming out with a new book soon. You go to the author’s Amazon page, and on the right hand of the screen there is a link you click to have Amazon email you when a new book is coming out.

    • Thank you! I suspected there was a way to use Amazon to get notifications, but when I wrote the post I completely forgot to go there and poke around until I found what it was precisely. Glad you shared since my memory is so pathetic lately.

  7. Thank you for the information. I have been desperately searching for a book to read after finishing “the Count of Monte Cristo”. I have been talking to the librarians where I go; however, they have not been able to recommend anything that I have not already finished. Your information was very helpful; I will have to visit these websites in the future. The article was very detailed and informative. It must have taken you a while to write. Hopefully, I will soon find a book I enjoy.

    Thank you again; you have saved me a lot of time and gas money.

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