General Winston’s Daughter by Sharon Shinn

General Winston's DaughterGeneral Winston’s DaughterGeneral Winston's Daughter by Sharon Shinn by Sharon Shinn

I’ve read several of Shinn’s books previously, and her Twelve Houses fantasy series is one of my favorites. Since everything I’ve read by her before has been a fantasy tale, and adding in some of the names for this book (it’s located in a country called Chiarrin, and a main character is named Ket Du’kai) made me sure this was another fantasy. So I read it and kept waiting waiting waiting for the fantasy elements to show up.

They never do. It’s a romance novel, just one set in a sort of alternate, invented world that misled me to think it was a different sort of book.

That said, it’s not a bad book. I liked Averie and Du’kai and most of the other characters. I didn’t mind that some of the plot elements were fairly obvious. I didn’t even mind that many of the characters were a bit one-dimensional. It’s just not the book I thought I was getting, or the one I wanted to read, and what it is isn’t my favorite sort of book. If you like romance, especially light ones (as in, there are a couple of kisses in it and that’s it), or enjoy seeing teenage heroines grow up a bit, this isn’t a bad choice.

I just wanted it to be more like Shinn’s other books. 🙂

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Publisher’s Description:
When eighteen-year-old heiress Averie Winston travels to faraway Chiarrin, she looks forward to the reunion with her father and her handsome fiancé, Morgan. What she finds is entirely different from what she expected. She realizes that Morgan is not the man she thought he was; and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to another. Handsome Lieutenant Ket Du’kai is like no one Averie has ever met, and she enjoys every moment she spends with him, every delicious flirtation. Averie knows she’s still engaged to another man, but she can’t help but think about Lieutenant Du’kai, and she wonders if he feels the same.

Book Details

Title: General Winston’s DaughterGeneral Winston's Daughter by Sharon Shinn
Author: Sharon Shinn
Category: Fiction
My Rating: 3 Stars

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