Goodreads Hack: Creating a “Not Going to Read” Shelf

bookworm-hacks-not-interested-shelfYou do know about creating additional exclusive shelves on Goodreads, yes?

The exclusive shelves are the ones where a book can only be on one of them – the defaults are “Read” “Want to Read” and “Currently Reading.” I’ve since added three of my own – “Never Finished” “Paused” and “Not Interested.”

Why did I make a “Not Interested” shelf?

I debated this one a long time, as I was concerned that it could seem mean in a way: I am not going to read a lot of books, so why was it necessary to highlight certain titles that I’m not going to try?

What eventually swayed me to do it is that there are some books that I keep looking at, and then remembering “no, I already checked it out and passed on it.” I want to save my time and have it already in my Goodreads account as a “not for me.”

And that’s what this shelf is: a not for me shelf. If you see a favorite book of yours on the shelf, it’s not that I’m saying I think it’s a bad one. Simply, it’s not one I want to read. Perhaps it’s got some themes I don’t enjoy, or maybe I’ve read too many that are similar and don’t want another one.

It’s already been handy, and I’m wishing I hadn’t waited so long to create it.

Have you added any extra exclusive shelves to your Goodreads account?

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  1. I totally get this shelf concept and the reason behind it. I have inadvertently reordered and rechecked out books that I have already given up on, but I’ve just forgotten. I think it is especially helpful when a lot of your book recommendations come from blogs or podcasts. Other people just have different tastes. And that is okay.

    • I hate it when I do that! I do it a lot less now thanks to Goodreads, but I still find myself occasionally trying to get a book I’ve already read or considered & decided against. Here’s hoping that I do it less and less as I keep my Goodreads up to date.

  2. Yes, that’s exactly why I made a not interested shelf also. I kept looking at 3 books over and over again. I loved the covers but the story was not to my liking.

    • There are several books I should probably add to that shelf because I keep being drawn in by their pretty covers, but I haven’t 100% made up my mind that I don’t want to read them. But really, if I’m that doubtful about it I should probably say no, since there are so many other books I know I do want to read. 🙂

  3. I didn’t realise you could create exclusive shelves.Now I have a new one for ‘did not finish’

  4. R. Mullen says:

    I have an exclusive shelf called “Parking-Lot” for books that I am not interested in at the moment. They are books that once were on my to-read shelf, but when that shelf seemed to get much too large, I moved books to the parking lot just in case I change my mind someday. So far, I have moved two books from the parking lot and actually read one of them.

    • I *love* this idea as a way to get my “want to read” shelf under control. I didn’t want to delete some of the titles, even for books I don’t want to read in the near future because they do interest me as possibilities someday. I may be stealing this idea from you.

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