Goodreads Hacks: Creating a “Paused” Shelf

Goodreads imageOne of my most recent updates to my Goodreads account is the addition of an exclusive “paused” shelf. I use it for books that I had been reading, but for whatever reason I’m not continuing ot read at this time. However, because I do think I’ll get back to them someday I didn’t want to add them to my “did not finish” shelf, as that shelf is only for books I have no plans to resume.

While it’s still a fairly new addition to my shelves, so far I’m *loving* it. It makes it easy for me to clear out my “currently reading” shelf, and yet not lose those books that I hadn’t finished.

Looking for other Goodreads hacks? I also use a “not interested” shelf, and a secret group to keep some reading plans private.

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  1. That’s a good idea. If I come across that scenario, I think I’ll use it. The few books in my DNF pile aren’t going to be finished I think.
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  2. Great idea! I have a couple of those right now. Hmm. I may need to add a paused shelf. 🙂

  3. This is a great idea! I’ve just gotten into adding more shelves to organize my books.

  4. Genius! Will have to look into it next time I’m on

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