Goodreads Hacks: Using a “Someday” Shelf

As part of my reading goals for 2018, I’m working on cleaning up my “Want To Read” shelf on Goodreads. One way I’m doing that is by shifting books off to a “Someday/Maybe” shelf.

Goodreads lets you create endless shelves. The key to me using the someday/maybe shelf is that I’ve set it as an “exclusive” shelf. What’s that mean? A book can only be on one exclusive shelf.

If you haven’t created any of your own, you have one of three options: Want to Read, Currently Reading, or Read. I’ve added a “Paused” shelf, “Never Finished,” “Not Interested,” and now “Someday/Maybe” to my exclusive shelf options.

What’s the advantage to this?

It becomes a nice holding area for books I don’t want to forget about, but I know I won’t be reading anytime soon. I’m also using it for books on topics where I’m not actively reading currently, but if/when I want to get back to that topic, those are the titles I want to read.

It’s also where I’m parking books that I’m keeping on my “ideas for bookclub” shelf, but only want to read them if my bookclub selects them.

My “Want to Read” shelf is still overloaded, but as I go through it again, and delete titles I no longer want to read, I’m trimming it down even further by shifting titles over to the “Someday/Maybe” option.

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  1. Great idea! I try to clean my TBR list every couple of months, but it’s always getting a little out of hand. There are just too many books in the world!

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