The Harlot’s Tale by Sam Thomas

The Harlot's Tale: A Midwife Mystery (The Midwife's Tale) by Sam Thomas | Review by @SheilaRCraigThe Harlot’s Tale: A Midwife MysteryThe Harlot's Tale: A Midwife Mystery (The Midwife's Tale) by Sam Thomas | Review by @SheilaRCraig by Sam Thomas

A sequel to Thomas’ The Midwife’s Tale, and it’s not quite as strong as the first book, although I think I liked the plot of this one more, as contradictory as that might sound.

While I enjoy the characters of Bridget and Martha, and their interactions, the historical elements and especially the setting are my favorite parts of the book, and it made me especially glad to live in a time and place when air conditioning is available. 🙂

The mystery seemed a little too easy to solve, but there were still some plot surprises that kept things interesting until the end. And keep me wondering what will happen with any later books if the series continues.

I do think this one is better read after finishing The Midwife’s Tale, although it’s not absolutely essential.

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Publisher’s Description:
It is August, 1645, one year since York fell into Puritan hands. As the city suffers through a brutal summer heat, Bridget Hodgson and Martha Hawkins are drawn into a murder investigation more frightening than their last. In order to appease God’s wrath—and end the heat-wave—the city’s overlords have launched a brutal campaign to whip the city’s sinners into godliness. But for someone in York, this is not enough. First a prostitute and her client are found stabbed to death, then a pair of adulterers are beaten and strangled. York’s sinners have been targeted for execution.

Bridget and Martha—assisted once again by Will, Bridget’s good-hearted nephew—race to find the killer even as he adds more bodies to his tally. The list of suspects is long: Hezekiah Ward, a fire and brimstone preacher new to York; Ward’s son, Praise-God, whose intensity mirrors his father’s; John Stubb, one of Ward’s fanatic followers, whose taste for blood may not have been sated by his time in Parliament’s armies. Or could the killer be closer to home? Will’s brother Joseph is no stranger to death, and he shares the Wards’ dreams of driving sin from the city.

To find the killer, Bridget, Martha, and Will must uncover the city’s most secret sins, and hope against hope that the killer does not turn his attention in their direction.

Book Details

Title: The Harlot’s Tale: A Midwife MysteryThe Harlot's Tale: A Midwife Mystery (The Midwife's Tale) by Sam Thomas
Author: Sam Thomas
Category: Fiction / Historical Mystery
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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  1. Just finished this, and I hope he does write more! I think I read the first one on your recommendation, too. I love that it’s set not in London, not in some usual time period, and the use of the midwife is really fascinating. Thanks so much for letting me know the sequel was out!


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