A Homeschooling Introduction

I’m late to the party, but I recently noticed that Sonlight is having a monthly blog linkup this year, in honor of their 25th anniversary. January’s topic is to introduce yourself and your family. Which just seemed to me to be a good idea, and something I’d never really done – I’ve mentioned some details here and there, but it’s scattered throughout other posts. Having it all in one spot seems handy.

My only true homeschool student at the moment is “G,” my five year old son. He’ll turn six in July, so this has been his Kindergarten year. We do a lot of playing with Legos while doing school.

My future homeschoolers are daughter “H” who is three (turning four in June), and baby “M” who arrived in August. While we work around her naps at times, generally she’s still in that stage where she’s content to be held. Homeschooling with her on my lap is still really easy, so I’m enjoying that while it lasts.

Even before having my first baby I knew I wanted to homeschool, and the only issue was convincing my husband to give it a try. Right now he’s somewhat enthusiastic about it for early elementary years, and is taking a wait-and-see view of it beyond that. He’s mostly concerned about socialization and how the kids will make friends without going to school, so finding outside activities is a big deal for him. Looking further ahead to sports is another issue for him, so it’s something we’ll be considering.

We’re mostly taking it a year at a time, evaluating what’s best for us all. I say “mostly” because I do already have next year tentatively planned, so it’s more like the current year + one. With recognition that things can change, so those plans are held loosely. I love the idea of homeschooling the whole way through, and look ahead so I don’t end up making a choice today that really hampers what we can do down the road.

We’re close to wrapping up P 4/5, and I’ve got a post in the works detailing what all I’ve got planned next. I don’t plan on taking a big break before moving on to it, because both my son and I are excited about what’s waiting for us!

I’m not exclusively a homeschool blogger – I primarily blog about books and reading – but do I regularly post about homeschooling (generally on Fridays), and many of my Thursday posts relate to what I’m reading with my children.

Interested in more? If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see more of our daily life pictures, which often relate to homeschooling. As we progress with homeschooling, it seems to become a bigger part of my everyday life, so my Twitter account is also becoming sprinkled with homeschooling tweets. And I haven’t got them up yet, but my goal for February is to get some Pinterest boards up relating to Core A and what we’ll be doing next. I do have a Facebook page for the blog, but so far it’s mostly homeschool-free, although that may change as we continue on this journey.



  1. Your kids are adorable! We spent many of our homeschool years on the couch reading while I nursed my babies. They bring such joy!

    • Thank you!

      That’s how we’ve spent a lot of the last 5 months. Handwriting and the DEL books are the two things we only do at a table. Everything else often finds us on the couch. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you joined the party! I’m not exclusively a homeschool blogger either, but that’s part of who we are, so it does get a mention from time to time. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Thank you! I’m enjoying reading all of the posts and finding new bloggers through it, so I’m glad you’re doing this. 🙂


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