Homeschooling Update: Looking Back at Second Grade

An overdue look at the highlights of G’s second-grade year. We mostly used Sonlight’s Level B, but did move into level C before the end of the year, pausing for the summer when I reached a good stopping point in the history schedule.

History & Read-Alouds

Charlotte's Web coverHistory is generally something he likes, although he did get tired of Ancient Greece. I think I added too many extra titles on Greece. 🙂 He liked the Vikings, and I think that was his favorite part of the year.

I still do read-alouds with him, and his favorites for the year were: Charlotte’s Web, Henry Huggins, Around the World with Kate and Mack, and Maps & Globes.

He also does his own reading, and his favorite books were the Captain Underpants series (sigh). From his school books, his favorites were The Beginners Bible and Riding the Pony Express.

Language Arts

All About Spelling Level 4G made great reading progress this year. He’s a strong reader, although he still doesn’t like to read books where there is too much text on one page – he likes white space in the margins and some extra space between rows of text. No cramped text blocks for him!

If you ask, he’ll tell you he hates spelling, but then laugh, because he’s joking as it’s one of his favorite subjects. He’s an excellent speller and is proud of that fact. He’s halfway through All About Spelling Level 4, and he’s already asking when I’ll be getting Level 5, and can he finish it and Level 6 next year? I cannot tell you how much I love All About Spelling (although I’ve tried) – if only everything school-related worked so well and so easily.

Handwriting is still his least favorite subject, and there is much moaning about the fact that I make him work on it EVERY. DAY. Clearly, I am the most unreasonable teacher ever.


Math Analogies coverHe’s a good math student and finished two levels of math during the year. He would have been ready to move into level 4 of Math Mammoth about a month before we broke for summer, but I decided to hold off on it and just have him review math facts and do other practice problems, rather than having an awkward break in the new program.

He especially loved the Math Analogies book I grabbed for him almost on a whim – he thought it was fun, and never seemed like school work to him.


Zap! Wile E. Coyote Experiments with Energy coverAnother favorite subject was science – he had a hard time narrowing down his choices for favorite titles for the year (as seen in the long list in the next paragraph). I need to improve about doing experiments with him and hope to next year. M should be old enough by then to not be such a menace and threat to everything while we try.

His favorite science books for the year were See Inside Your Body, See How It’s Made, and the graphic science series including The Science of Baseball with Max Axiom, The World of Food Chains with Max Axiom, and Zap! Wile E. Coyote Experiments with Energy, Thud! Wile E. Coyote Experiments with Forces and Motion and Splat! Wile E. Coyote Experiments with States of Matter.

PE & Extra Activities

Kids Cook Real Food coverHe had a busy year with activities: Taekwondo (he’s a probationary black belt and beginning instructor), soccer, basketball, baseball, and Cub Scouts. Fortunately soccer, basketball, and baseball do not overlap so it’s not quite as crazy as that sounds. It’s busy enough as it is! He also was in Awana, although that usually involved lots of complaining before we left every week.

While he does generally join in when we have an art lesson, he’s not enthusiastic about it. However, he is eager for me to restart cooking lessons, which have been on hiatus for awhile. I just bought the lessons in a print format since one of the biggest challenges I had with it was it being all online or via pdf. I’m thinking the print will make it easier on me.


All in all, it was a very successful year with him. I do have some changes I want to make for next year, but that’ll be detailed in a future post. Overall, I feel like we had a good routine going, and I’m hoping next year runs as smoothly.

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  1. Heather says:

    I use the All About Reading and All About Spelling with my two boys and that is a very solid program! I’m learning so much about why we spell and pronounce letters/words the way that we do. I can’t recommend the programs enough.

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