Homeschooling Update: Plans for First Grade

H is now in first grade, and many of the plans I have for the year are repeats of her brother’s year.

1st grade / first grade curriculum choices

First Grade Curriculum Choices


She’s working on Math Mammoth 1A as that worked so well for her brother. I am also eyeing Math Lessons for a Living Education, because I think she’d like the storyline, and the repetition would probably be helpful. Although I did a mix of Math Mammoth and Mathematical Reasoning for her brother, so I may just do that mix again for her as well.


G LOVED the Children’s Encyclopedia used as the spine for history used in Sonlight’s Level A, and it’s proving to be just as big a hit with H. I’ve also noticed that her brother likes hanging around when we read the encyclopedia, and he likes telling her things he remembers.

Sonlight updated this level since her brother went through it, so they’ve already made some changes. I will probably still add in The Story of Exploration like I did with her brother, as it was a fun book that he really enjoyed. They’ve made some other changes to the read alouds, and I’m planning on reading all the books in the updated Instructor’s Guide, plus the books they removed.


We’re still working through All About Reading 1, as she’s having a bit more trouble than her brother did at getting past the hurdle of blending.

I expect that at some point things are going to click for her and she’ll take off. Until then, we practice a lot of basic stuff with her. At some point, I have LA 1 to use with her, but we’re paused on it right now.


She’s begun Italic Handwriting Book A. It’s fine – no strong feelings either way towards it. She likes handwriting more than her brother does, and is better at it than he was at that age.


I don’t use the Bible reading assigned in the IG – I prefer the assigned Bible at an older age, so right now she’s working through The Family Time Bible in Pictures, and then we’ll move on to The Story in Pictures. We have several children’s Bibles so when we finish one we just move onto another one. She’s also starting back at Awana next month, for her second year in Sparks.


Sonlight’s Science A also uses the Children’s Encyclopedia, as well as several of the Usborne Beginners books. She loves those, so I’ll be rounding up all the extra ones we have that aren’t already assigned, and reading them throughout the year. Then I’ll likely add some library books on topics that catch her interest, as that worked well for her brother.

She doesn’t seem to like the graphic novel science texts he so loves, so her year won’t be an exact repeat of what he did. One fun thing is that Sonlight updated the Science IG, and it’s now in COLOR. That’s fun for her (and me too, to be honest).


We’re trying Artistic Pursuits Introduction to Visual Arts , and I may also finish up the Art with a Purpose program we started last year. Her brother didn’t like it, but she did, so I may just do it as extra art with her. She likes art a lot more than he does.

I also plan on doing some art appreciation/art history with him, and letting her listen in as she wants.


She’ll also have the option of tagging along with her brother’s music appreciation/composer studies, or it may be something else that I’ll save for when she’s older.


As I mentioned in the post about her brother’s third grade plans, I’ve fizzled out on using the video version of the Kids Cook Real Food course – I think if I had a tablet to use in the kitchen it would have helped. Instead, I’ve gotten the print version and will be trying to use that with them. They both are enthusiastic about any cooking lessons I offer, so I want to prioritize that this year.


She’s planning on joining Girl Scouts and is really looking forward to that! The introductory meeting is next week and she’s only asked me EVERY DAY this month when it’s happening.

She’s also playing soccer again and is disappointed that 1st grade still doesn’t include a goalie (gotta wait until 3rd grade for that). This will be her first year to play basketball, and she wants to play softball again in the Spring.

Taekwondo continues: she’s just earned her senior brown belt, and if she continues to pass each level, she’ll test for black belt in February. She’s also been invited to help teach the beginning and intermediate students and enjoys doing that one class each week.

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