Homeschooling Update: An Unplanned Break

The Deliberate Reader US and Canada GeoPuzzleSo I’d planned on not taking a real summer break, but continuing to do school whenever we didn’t have other plans. That gives lots of flexibility as far as taking other time off during the year, without any concerns about hitting the 180 days required in Indiana.

(Although I don’t actually have to hit any days yet; my oldest is still under the mandatory age. I still want to get to 180 as “practice” if you will for next year, and because that doesn’t seem like a lot to ask of our educational year.)

However, June brought with it that unexpected trip to Arizona for a week, then recovery from that trip (for me at least; the kids were fine), then VBS, then two weeks of sickness making its way through the family. Throw in two birthdays and a week of tae kwon do camp, and suddenly it’s late July and we haven’t been doing any school.

And you know what? I’m ok with that. The kids have had lots of time to play outside with the neighbors, we’ve gone to the park and splash park. We’ve done VBS (more than once even) and tae kwon do camp. We’ve spent time with family, and celebrated birthdays. We’ve participated in the library summer reading program.

And G is still doing all his GeoPuzzles, and playing Stack the StatesStack the States and Stack the CountriesStack the Countries. He will happily tell you all the states, and where they’re located. “Which state is below Montana?” “Which state is above Indiana?” etc. He loves talking about the countries that a part of each continent too. He even got the GeoPuzzle U.S.A. and CanadaGeoPuzzle U.S.A. and Canada - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (69 pcs) for his birthday and it was the very first of all of his presents that he opened and started using.

August will be here soon enough when the neighbors go back to school. We’ll ease back into our school year, and I think we’ll all be more refreshed for the break.

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  1. SoCalLynn says:

    I love your update! You might not have had “formal” schooling, but there was a lot of learning and maturing going on. Playing is important work! (Geopuzzles are the best, their quality is outstanding.)

  2. Katie Chapman says:

    Wow! What a great summer! So much learning! Don’t you dare feel guilty! There were many times that I felt this way but looking back I just recognized it as being freestyle and there is nothing wrong with that!

  3. Interesting that you’ll need to do a specific number of “school days” – does the state track that in some way (like do you need to keep a diary or something)? And in my opinion, things like tae kwon do camp should count towards those days (as “physical education”) 🙂

    I agree, having some breaks is a good thing. All the best for your August and easing into the school year again!


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