Homeschooling Update: Finished Our Awana Year

Sparks HangGlider HandbookLast week we wrapped up our Awana year, and unlike last year when I was kind of sad to see it end this year I am so ready for the break. It was much harder this year with three kids, and the late bedtime that those evenings always brought.

That said, it was a good year – G loved being a Spark, and loved memorizing his verses. He flew through his book and was thrilled to earn all of his “gems.” He already is looking forward to next year’s book. I was really impressed with how hard he worked at it, and how much he took ownership of learning his verses. Every day I might have to remind him to work on them, but that was it – he’d grab his book and go. (Well, once his reading got to the point where he could do that. Initially I had to read the verse to him the first time, and occasionally throughout the year there might be a word or two he’d need help with initially.)

Cubbies HoneyComb HandbookH didn’t like being a Cubbie as much, and I’m reminding myself that G didn’t always enjoy his first year either. However, there was one week where G wasn’t going, and I gave her the option of going or staying home and she was insistent that she wanted to go. So it must not have been that bad for her, even if she did have some issues some weeks.

I’m still not sure what we’ll do next year. We could return to the same place, or I could look for another Awana program. I think H might do better somewhere else (because of those unspecified issues mentioned above), but G really likes where he is. I would kind of like to move to a Sunday night program, instead of the Wednesday night one we’re on, so that would be a reason to switch programs. Decisions, decisions.

All in all though, I’m really happy that we’ve found Awana, and am glad my kids participate in it. It’s been a great program for them, and a nice supplement to our homeschooling year!

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