Homeschooling Update: Looking Back at Kindergarten

Last month we ended H’s official Kindergarten year (we’re doing some “fun school” over the summer).


I’m not sure how to describe our year of reading instruction. While “resistant” isn’t exactly right, it may be the closest term I can come up with to describe how she generally responded to lessons.

I know she’s young, so I didn’t want to push her, and if it hadn’t been for her saying that she wanted to learn to read, I’d have dropped any lessons completely As it was, I would end up trying a lesson with her, going until she got … emotional/uncooperative, and then I’d back off for a time (sometimes a few days, sometimes a week, sometimes a month), until she requested more.

However, I discovered Teach Your Monster to Read and she LOVED playing that game on the computer, and it helped her realize she could read some things, which was nice as she wants so much to read.

She does not like following the scripted lessons from All About Reading 1 the same way G did for Kindergarten, so I’m having to be a little more inventive. I was hoping it would work just like it did for G, but no such luck. I’m expecting that she’s close to really becoming a reader, and will start back up attempting lessons with her in August.

Math & Science & More

She enjoyed math, which was Mathematical Reasoning, and then some random workbooks, and then we had just started Math Mammoth 1A, getting about halfway through the first (long) chapter before breaking for the summer.

Science was probably her favorite: Sonlight’s P 4/5 has lots of fun science books to read, like the beloved Big Book of Science and Nature, and I supplemented with extra books from my Usborne collection, and from the library. Favorites included Wild Animal Atlas, First Big Book of Animals, First Big Book of Why, and Q & A About Animals.

She usually liked handwriting, and her favorite thing of all is probably art, and she’d like it if I would include that every day. While she’s always welcome to do art on her own each day, she’d like me to do it with her every day and that doesn’t always happen.

I think it’s funny how much she looooves workbooks right now, and I’m catering to that love by getting her some extra ones. Those random math books I mentioned, plus some Kindergarten-level activity books I found on Amazon, Explode the Code primer books A, B, and C, an easy Geography workbook. She loves them all.


She also generally loved read-aloud time. Her favorite books from the year were:
The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook (and More Milly-Molly-Mandy), A Doctor Like Papa, Stories from Around the World, Beginners World Atlas, Street Through Time, and What Do People Do All Day.

Extra Activities

PE was taken care of through taekwondo (she received her brown belt right before her 6th birthday; she’s by far the youngest in the advanced classes now, but she loves it), as well as soccer and softball. She’s asked to play basketball this year as well, as she was disappointed that it wasn’t offered for Kindergarteners. She amazes me with her athleticism and drive to be the best on her teams. I was not that way. 😉

Her other activity for the year was Awana, which she loved. She worked very hard to finish her book for the year, and then made it through a second time to get the review patch.

I was thinking it was a really light year, and it felt like that during the year, but looking back at the year she actually covered quite a bit. Yes, she’s still not reading fluently like they’d expect her to be doing if she was in the public school here, but I know she’ll figure it out soon enough and catch up. She’s excited about moving on to her first-grade materials, and I’m happy she’s still enthusiastic about school.

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