Homeschooling Update: A Reading Breakthrough!

All About Reading 1 Activity BookH has been struggling to get past the hurdle of blending.

And I know that it’s a developmental stage, and I know that research shows that children who don’t learn how to read until older catch up quickly, and she’s only just 6.

But still, it’s such an obvious thing when a child isn’t reading, and when you’re around people who aren’t particularly homeschool-friendly, it leads to lots of side-eyeing. “She’s not reading yet?”

Cue me feeling torn between not wanting to say anything because it’s not any of their business, and wanting to justify things, etc. etc.


All About Reading 1 Run Bug Run ReaderSo, mostly for that reason, but also because she SO wants to be reading on her own, I was thrilled when suddenly it’s like something clicked for her, and she’s blending with ease, and having fun with the activities.

Ok, so she’s only managing consonant-vowel-consonant words (bat, sat, mad, big, fin, and similar), but if she’s anything like G was, blending is the big hurdle and now she’ll start moving along with reading progress.

She’s already done 5 lessons in All About Reading 1 in 10 days, and she’s WANTING to do more. She’s reaching for the first reader, Run Bug Run.

I’m so happy for her. She’s thrilled, and it’s such a great milestone.

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