Homeschooling 1st Grade

Homeschooling 1st GradeWhat we’re doing for homeschooling 1st Grade (2015 – 2016, although we school year round, so it doesn’t follow a traditional school calendar)


We finished our Kindergarten curriculum faster than I expected, so rather than taking an extended break, we went right into our 1st Grade curriculum, beginning in March 2015. Son “G” will turn 6 in July 2015, and I’m hoping to stretch things out before finishing his 1st Grade Core. We’ll see how that works.

I also have two younger daughters, “H” turning 4 in June 2015, and baby “M” who will be 1 in August 2015.

Curriculum Overview:

Homeschooling 1st Grade with Sonlight Core A and Language Arts 1

We are using Sonlight‘s Core A as the foundation for our 1st grade year, supplemented with material from Timberdoodle (especially their hands-on items and games). I love how Timberdoodle lets me customize their curriculum sets to get what I need and don’t need exactly – makes it so nice when I’m using something else as my main curriculum, and looking to them as a secondary resource.

We’ll be continuing with All About Reading, using Level 3 and Level 4, and All About Spelling, using Level 2.

New this year for us is Math Mammoth, which we’re using along with occasional breaks of Mathematical Reasoning.

In the fall, the plan is to join AWANA again, but we may or may not rejoin the homeschool group we participated in last year.

We’re also continuing with taekwondo. G began the year as an orange belt.

For full details on these plans, see my 1st Grade Plans post.

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