Homeschooling Pre-Kindergarten

Homeschooling Pre-KWhat we did for my son’s prek experience (2013-2014), and what I plan to do for my middle daughter’s prek year (2015-2016).


My older daughter “H” turns 4 in June 2015, and is insistent that she starts school then too. I’ll also be teaching her older brother in 1st grade, and taking care of her little sister, who turns 1 in August 2015.

I don’t plan to officially do anything with her until the fall at the earliest. Until then we’ll just continue to read stories and do art, and do her AAR “lessons” as she asks for them.

Curriculum Overview:

Homeschooling PreK with Sonlight Core P 3/4

I already own Sonlight‘s Core P 3/4 and plan to use it as the framework for our year. In addition, we have lots of fun materials from Timberdoodle.

I also own God’s Little Explorers, which was completely unsuccessful with her brother, but may be a better fit for her. Since I do have it, I may give it a try if I end up wanting a little more for her. It’s designed as a preschool curriculum, but the activities it includes are sorts that she generally enjoys.

She’s occasionally working through All About Reading’s Pre-reading Level, and we read lots and lots of books together (especially as she listens in to many of the books I read to her brother).

In the fall, the plan is to join AWANA again for her second year as a Cubbie, but we may or may not rejoin the homeschool group we participated in last year.

We’re also continuing with taekwondo. She’s currently has a blue strip belt (a.k.a. the tot belt) and will remain in the little kid classes until her instructors say to move her up. That doesn’t usually happen until kids are 5, but she’s done so well so far they may make the move a little earlier. Tot classes are more fun though, so I’m not in any rush to have her make the switch.

She’s joining in with her brother’s art program, the year 1 program from Harmony Fine Arts. She might technically be a bit young for it, but so far she’s a more enthusiastic participant in it than her brother is.

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